8th District Candidate Presents Solutions

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Larry Bill addresses over 300 in Farmington at patriotic rally sponsored by "We the People".

Air Force veteran and local Jackson businessman Larry Bill, Independent Conservative Candidate for Congress, addressed a crowd of over 300 people at Farmington recently.

At the event, Mr. Bill stuck to his positive campaigning approach where he outlined solutions for upcoming problems. The problems he addressed included the coming hyperinflation caused by the Federal Reserve, bankrupting of the Social Security system by baby boomers, rise in gasoline prices due to dependence on foreign oil, legalization of illegal immigrants, and the threat of erosion of Constitutional rights.

Mr. Bill also outlined a strategy where successful independent Congressional candidates can unite to steer Congress back to following the Constitution and exercising fiscal discipline. In response to the speech, 144 participants stepped forward to sign the petition to get Larry on the ballot.

Mr. Bill made the point he does not request or accept campaign contributions from any source but himself and his wife. According to the Federal Election Commission website, only Larry Bill and his wife have contributed to his campaign.

A transcript of the speech is available at this link: http://larrybill.com/a-recent-speech-where-mr-bill-outlined-solutions/

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