Speak Out 4/22/10

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ban texting

I watched as a car turned down Perryville Road toward Cape Rock Drive. The young woman at the wheel was texting on her phone. She went across the center line, barely missed a pole, barely missed two parked cars and went on the sidewalk before making a left turn. I sure hope we get a law banning texting while driving. I wish cars wouldn't run if you're texting. There are going to be a lot of serious injuries and wrecks because of this. Come on, lawmakers, let's do it right.

See the vista

WHERE is our humanity? I am a rugged individualist enlightened by being part of a society. One can see to his own needs as well as looking out for his brothers. Celebrate the artist, the athlete and the everyday heroes. But what about the workers who don't get praise: the cook, the mechanic? Rebel youths need understanding and compassion just like the troubled oldster. That's a good quip. It takes a village to raise a child. Maybe we should listen to the youths to discern the health of the village. Walt Whitman said, "I embrace all." To climb that mountain and see that vista is what I hope you find.

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