Area city to require prescription for pseudoephedrine

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 ~ Updated 2:44 PM

DEXTER, Mo. -- At the Monday night meeting of the Dexter Board of Aldermen, the board 4-1 passed an ordinance requiring a prescription for the purchase of pseudoephedrine, the Daily Statesman newspaper reported.

The measure has been before the board over the past two months, and after much debate, the city followed suit with a number of surrounding towns.

Alderman Rick Hux, who had been adamantly opposed to the issue, said he had a change of opinion following a visit with an unnamed area pharmacist.

"I haven't been for passing this personally because I felt like it would put certain people at a disadvantage to get the medication they need," Hux said. "After speaking with her, it really changed my mind about the situation."

Hux stated that the pharmacist explained to him that this was in fact a real problem for them and stated that she insisted there were a number of other drugs that are not regulated that will serve the same purpose.

Alderman Kirby Taylor also spoke out in favor of the bill that became ordinance 4600.

Taylor stated that he had been asked several times why the city hadn't passed the ordinance yet.

"They asked me 'why are the city officials objecting to stopping meth,'" Taylor said. "We can't kill this deal, but we can make it harder for them to make meth and that's what we're elected to do."

The bill passed by a vote of 4-1. The motion was made by the newly-elected Alderman Kent Essner, who has been outspoken about his support for the bill for several weeks. The only alderman who voted against the bill was Jerry Corder. Alderman Ray Pixley was not in attendance due to illness.

City Attorney Yewell G. "Bud" Lawrence said that while "technically" the ordinance would take effect immediately, in reality, before it can be enforced, letters will have to be sent to all of the area pharmacists, physicians and other medical professionals.

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