Speak Out 4/20/10

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Support for Obama

SARAH Palin, keep your mouth shut about my president. I voted for President Obama, and I'd vote for him again tomorrow. I love his insurance plan. Pay your fair share.

Photo IDs

Politicians who want to require picture IDs for voters want to put a hardship on a lot of handicapped, disabled and older people.

Political whining

THE history of both political parties is the same. When there's a Republican president, the Democrats complain. When we have a Democratic president, Republicans do the same thing.

Gambling losses

SAM Blackwell, you're my kind of man. It seems gambling people can't see there is more money spent than won by the gamblers. It is a losing situation.

Presidential ambition

I don't like Sarah Palin. I don't think she's suited for the presidency. I have never seen anybody with such raw ambition to be president. My father always told me the best person for president is someone who is reluctant to be president. Someone who is overly ambitious, my father said, is dangerous for our nation.

Lucky Cape

I agree, Sam Blackwell, with your "Lucky Cape" column. Amen. Preach on.

Dividing America

I'M sure America's enemies are thrilled about the tea parties. They will sit back and watch Sarah Palin divide America.

Paying taxes

WHY is it that no one wants to pay taxes but so many complain when NASA takes cuts, our infrastructure crumbles, teachers are laid off, fire and police remain grossly underpaid, libraries close, Medicare slips further into the red and Social Security nears bankruptcy? At least we seem to have plenty of money for war.

Oil profit

JUST like the Bush administration's wars, tea partiers have the wrong target in their crosshairs. Taxes may actually drop if they aim at the right target: huge corporations such as Exxon, which posted $45 billion in profit for 2009 and didn't pay a cent in taxes. A paltry 1 percent tax rate on $45 billion would generate nearly a half-billion dollars in revenue that would be lifted from our backs. This is just one company. Imagine a measly 5 percent or 10 percent tax rate for these corporations. For those who think that would significantly raise our gas prices, relax. Passed on, that equals less than one cent per gallon.

Not good for Cape

I consider Sam Blackwell one of the most discerning, insightful citizens of Cape Girardeau and trust him completely when he makes a judgment about what is or is not in the interests of Cape Girardeau. Believe me, if Blackwell writes that a gambling boat would not be good for Cape Girardeau, then a gambling boat would not be good.

Not the Clintons

FOR those who hope one of the Clintons gets the nomination for Supreme Court justice: Both of these people have been proven to have circumvented our Constitution for their own personal gain. That type of behavior hardly qualifies a person to sit on the highest court in the land, the very one charged with the task of protecting our constitutional rights. In fact, their past legal behaviors would, in my opinion, make them the least qualified to do so.

Already recycling

IT was said that the new trash and recycling containers in Cape Girardeau were going to increase recycling. It has worked for my family. Even though trash in the new containers is not going to be picked up until May 3, we are placing recycling items in the new container anyway. We will still have enough space, even though we won't be able to have it dumped for another couple of weeks. The sizes of the cans help too. The recycling container is 96 gallons, and the trash is 64 gallons. More recycling, less trash.

Spinning backlash

REPUBLICAN spinmeister Frank Luntz has recommended that the GOP characterize a Democratic bill designed to end Wall Street bailouts as a bill designed to increase Wall Street bailouts. The American people have started to see through this kind of duplicitous distortion. Thus, if U.S. Senate Republicans unite in opposition to the Democratic proposal in order to try to defeat the bill, they do so at risk of losing recently regained momentum and lessen dramatically their chances to become the legislative party of the majority.

Voting and faith

I believe that many Democratic voters are Christian. However, I believe just as strongly that most Democratic leaders at the national level are making anti-Christian decisions. I don't understand how voters who say they are Christians can separate their core belief system from their voting decisions.

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