CPR: Saving lives

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Floyd Strop of Cape Girardeau considers himself a

lucky man, and he has city workers trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to thank for his good fortune.

City maintenance workers were trimming trees recently and saw Strop fall down while mowing his lawn. The city workers quickly went to Strop's aid. Two of the workers, Scott Kirchhoff and Eugene Robinson, performed CPR on Strop until paramedics arrived.

Members of the maintenance crew are among the many city workers who receive annual CPR training. The good news is that this training, for most city employees, is rarely used. More good news: When the need arises, city workers know what to do.

The gold standard for CPR instruction is the American Red Cross, which provides CPR training. Many other organizations also include CPR training. Many Scout leaders can perform CPR, and individual Scouts can learn CPR as part of the merit badge program.

Community members can also take advantage of CPR classes offered by the Red Cross, hospitals and employers.

As Floyd Strop can attest, having someone nearby with CPR training when a health crisis arises can save lives.

Hats off to the quick-thinking mantenance crew members for their life-saving CPR efforts.

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