Two arrested for theft after posing as home health care workers

Monday, April 19, 2010 ~ Updated 10:45 AM
Tonya McCollough

DEXTER, Mo. -- Investigative work by the Dexter Police Department resulted in the arrest of two individuals who now face charges related to a recent theft from an elderly person's home, the Dexter Daily Statesman reported.

Tonya McCollough, 34, aka Tonya Bruce, aka Tonya Lynn Simpson, along with John L. Simpson III, 34, are being held in the Stoddard County Jail Saturday, each under a $25,000 cash-only bond.

Both Simpson and McCollough are charged with two counts of the Class B felony of financial exploitation of the elderly and with two counts of the Class B felony of burglary in the first degree.

John L. Simpson III

The first victim of the alleged stealing operation that landed the two in jail contacted police on Tuesday stating that a female, posing as a Home Health representative, entered her home on the previous day on the pretense of introducing the alleged victim to home health care services. The female's male companion was later allowed to enter the home as well, and when the female feigned a coughing spell, the elderly resident left the room to get the female a drink. It was realized later that day, after the two left, that the resident's purse, containing about $1,500, was missing.

Other incidents were reported throughout the week, and following investigative an investigation, police arrested the pair and they were charged Friday afternoon with the crimes.

One of the couple's alleged potential victims had read newspaper reports about the first incident and was able to supply police with a detailed description of both individuals and the vehicle in which they were traveling. The couple had allegedly approached seniors both within the city limits of Dexter and potential victims in the rural area of the county as well.

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