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Bankruptcies filed through March for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Hart, Kelly J.10247
Allen, Todd A. and Stephanie M.10314
Elbrecht, Christopher M.10318
Martin, Jeffrey C. and Maureen A.10329
Gaines, Jerome D.10355
Hicks, Garry L. and Rebecca L.10377

Butler County

Rushing, Larry B. and Donna J.10243
Jones, Judi A.10254
Nelson, Rickey L.10276
Emmons, Michael F. and Connie L.10289
Goff, Tarah J.10290
Butler, Donna S.10291
Champion, Jeremy and Jamie10292
Brinkley, Maria R.10296
Morlan, Joseph D.10301
Teague, Sherley A.10357

Cape Girardeau County

Cook, Joe E.10248
Smith, Terice W.10250
Correa, Dana M.10251
Smith, Alysia D.10252
Luttrell, Kenneth W. and Denise R.10253
Hale, Melissa L.10255
Neal, Rose K.10258
Sauer, Stephen W.10263
Thompson, Dennis W. and Shannon L.10265
Gholson, Kaitlin L.10269
Simms, Jeffrey W. and Paula D.10285
Dittmer, Richard M. and Angela C.10287
Stoneking, Christen M.10288
Friedrich, Christopher S.10315
Slattery, John E.10319
Carter, Brandi L.10320
Schilling, Barbara J.10325
Haertling, Mark E.10334
Harper, Calvin J. and Cari A.10344
Frymire, Jonathan W. and Danielle N.10350
Rueseler, Ryan C. and Kimberly A.10351
Lutes, John M. and Tammy J.10358
Martin, Jason W. and Jennifer M.10364
Griffin, Gary D. and Diana L.10372
Smith, Susan L.10375
Brown, Jennifer D.10378
Ahrens, Jessica Della A.10382

Dunklin County

Steward, Curtis W.10246
Beard, Michael D. and Cristal F.10257
Adams, William Justin R.10278
Harvell, William L.10282
Skaggs, Michael and Robbie10308
Payne, Chad and Sarah10309
White, Roberta10310
Brandon, Scott L.10311
Walker, Gary and Sharon10312
Metcalf, Benjamin F. and Donna J.10326
Kirk, Karen L.10327
Everett, Misty J.10331
Hatch, Carolyn J.10340
West, Teresa G.10356
Hopper, William J. and Stephanie10361
Parker, Kelly J.10363
Williams, Johnathon E. and Christi R.10380

Madison County

Cooper, Lora E.10264
Mills, Adam H.10295
Couch, Earl T. and Elizabeth J.10316

Mississippi County

Maxwell, Leland R.10242
Miller, Christopher James L. and Amber L.10277
Strayhorn, Clementine10323

New Madrid County

Hopkins, Michelle D.10249
Brown, Christopher P.10279
Sweeney, Arlene J.10280
Hairston, Thomas V. and Caryl M.10328
Milisits, Johhny O. and Susan E.10339
Webb, Steven Jearl C.10345
Elliott, Ronnie G.10367
Wicks, David B.10369

Pemiscot County

Maclin, Charlee D. and Gerald D.10245
Riddick, Nicholas and Cheryl10313
Morris, Lora10360
Brown, Austin and Kelly10362

Perry County

Popp, Ashley M.10261
Conder, Robin A.10302
Hurt, Donald and Julie A.10338
Smith, Linda G.10346
Naeger, William R. and Pamela R.10370
Brewer, Don J.10381

Reynolds County

Johnston, Leslie V. and Shirley C.10267

Ripley County

Crain, David G. and Kimberly D.10266
Ezell, John B. and Patricia D.10268
Ferguson, Kenneth and Priscilla10293
Morse, Hazel L.10294
Long, Gary M. and Linda M.10298
Sullivan, Arthur D. and Rhonda J.10300

Scott County

Jerls, John A. and Tammy M.10241
Graham, Tonja S.10256
Glastetter, Denetra A.10259
McKenzie, Eldon D. and Maxie L.10262
Sauceda, Joseph J. and Darcee L.10273
Sanders, Brandon L. and Mindy L.10281
Brown, Kwajalin L.10284
Crone, Alden R.10286
Simmons, Travis J. and Rachel N.10321
Ware, Angela D.10322
VanVickle, Jackie D. and Amanda D.10324
Milam, Lance L.10330
Patton, David A. and Debra S.10334
Miller, Kendall W. and Heather C.10336
Holmes, Kathryn A.10337
Kenser, Patti A.10342
Foulk, Brandi N.10348
Roth, Jason S. and Tracy D.10349
Hendershott, Kevin G. and Tisha K.10352
Freeman, Sara V.10353
Bennett, Antonio D. and Tamiko V.10366
Gibson, Russell R. and Beverly J.10368
Moore, Stephen E. and Sarah L.10371
Stotts, Mary F.10373
Douglas, Peggy L.10374
Babers, Timothy K. and Shonda C.10376
Melton, Chadley S. and Nicole D.10379

Shannon County

Auger, Leslie R. and Marilie L.10365

Stoddard County

Travis, Tracey D.10260
Clark, Ricky L. and Tina L.10270
Lane, Mitchell L.10271
Watson, Joshua C. and Ashley L.10272
Zimmerman, Gregory E.10274
Stroup, Vivian M.10275
Brady, Jennifer M.10283
Craft, Billy R. and Rhonda R.10297
Stone, Suzanne L.10303
Bowling, Kenneth W. and Cheryl A.10304
Jackson, Bridget L.10305
Lane, Tina L.10306
Whitehead, James T.10307
Strickler, Shane M.10317
TH Transport Inc.10332
Kennedy, Jeffery D. and Patricia K.10333
Miller, Judy C.10341
Irish, Harvey A. and Charlotte J.10343
Barker, Tyrus L. and Linda J.10347
Morphew, Jennifer E.10359

Wayne County

Tapper, Laura L.10244
Martin, John R. and Lana K.10299
Crawford, William O. and Barbara E.10354
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