Speak Out 4/15/10

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Economic laws

IF you don't think there are economic laws, look at science. Are there things we don't understand? Yes. Does that mean there aren't laws that govern those things? Absolutely not. If you think supply-and-demand laws don't exist, look at the natural world. If there are high food concentrations in an area, another species will move in and take advantage of it until the supply is too low to support a huge population of that species. Inject competition into this scenario. Is this pure chaos, or are there basic laws that help find a balance in that system of supply and demand? There are natural laws in that system that we can discover and apply in our own systems. No government can change that natural law.

District moves

CAPE Girardeau school officials should not get down in the dumps because someone said he was going to move out of the district and place his children in a private school. Based on the election returns, for every two families that move out in protest, three will move in.

Democrats' history

PEOPLE keep saying that President Bush did nothing about our health care. Did we forget his eight-year battle with stubborn Democrats to reform health care insurance providers? Did we forget the Democrats stomping their feet and sabotaging his every move? Why is it, now that there is a Democrat in the White House, everyone comes out of the woodwork to say how important it is to support the president? After their long history of quitting when things don't go their way, or running across state borders so they can stop a vote, I think Democrats deserve what they get.

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