Take America Back Campaign hit's County Lincoln days and Tea Parties

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Rancher Bob Parker, candidate for Congress

The Sikeston Tea party had Bob Parker, candidate for congress as one of it's speakers last week. Parker has spoken at many tea party events across the region in the last few months as well as Republican County Lincoln days events all across the 8th district.

The Lincoln Days event held in Sikeston Missouri had two different candidates for Congressional office attending. One, a 14 year incumbent with a name well know across the district. Emerson. The other candidate, a rancher from Texas County that has been working for years fighting out of control government as a citizen, Bob Parker. The difference is stark.

Video of the Sikeston Lincoln days;


The Mountain Grove High School Lincoln Days event Saturday evening was packed, as attendees listened to various candidates expound on why they should be considered for office. Bob Parker, Candidate for Congress here in Missouri's 8th District, explained why voters should consider making a change in the August 3rd primary race between him and 14 year incumbent Jo Ann Emerson.

Parker explained, ''The reason I am running is that I don't believe our representative really represents us anymore. She supported the Wall Street Bailout, Cash for Clunkers, earmarks, and taxpayer funded embryonic stem cell research that ends life. She has supported NAFTA and CAFTA that has destroyed our American jobs."

Parker continues, ''I want the voters to know they have a choice this time. I am against the bailouts, Obamacare, and I support term limits in Congress. I am pro life, pro gun, and have run a farm here in Texas county for 33 years. I believe it is time to get back to Constitutionally limited government. We must stop the out of control spending, cut taxes, and cut the regulations that are killing our jobs here in America. Will the good people of Southern Missouri continue to send a big spending bailout incumbent back to Washington again? It's up to the people to choose.''

Parker and Emerson will be facing off in the August 3rd primary election.

Bob Parker's website is www.electbobparker.com

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