Out of the past 5/16/05

Monday, May 16, 2005

25 years ago: May 16, 1980

The "checking out" process at the Cape Girardeau Public Library building at Themis and Lorimier streets began yesterday with the removal of six books -- six volumes of the Bible -- and the placement of those books in the library facility on North Clark Avenue.

Announcement is made by Charles N. Harris, majority stockholder and board chairman of Atlas Plastics Corp., that he has sold all of his stock in Atlas to Mississippi Cape Corp.; heading the buyer corporation is Ronald D. Prasse who, as board chairman, emphasizes that none of the operations of Atlas will be affected by this change in ownership.

50 years ago: May 16, 1955

Degrees are conferred upon 201 graduates of State College at commencement exercises, at which president Elmer Ellis of the University of Missouri is the speaker.

A plea for actual appropriation of the budget recommendation of $750,000 to start the Cape Girardeau flood-protection program -- and if possible a material increase over that estimate -- is voiced by R.B. Oliver Jr., before the civil functions subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee in Washington.

75 years ago: May 16, 1930

Ruling on a complaint of the city that the present service of the Missouri Utilities Co., in Cape Girardeau is unsatisfactory, the Missouri Public Service Commission orders: that an "adequate" water filter plant be constructed on the Mississippi River; that the quality of the gas supply furnished the city be improved, and that the company should install an improved street-lighting system of the type agreed upon by the city and the company.

Burglars were active again last night; thieves ransacked the residence of R.W. Stehr, 223 S. Pacific St., and secured $3 from trousers Stehr had placed beside his bed.

100 years ago: May 16, 1905

The management of the Bauscher street carnival decided at the last moment to display several shows on Good Hope Street in Haarig; until last evening, the location on Spanish Street, at the foot of the courthouse hill, was decided upon, but the Haarig merchants induced the show to exhibit there.

The city council held one of the dullest meetings in its history last night; nearly all the evening was taken up with the reading of ordinances.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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