Speak Out 5/16/05

Monday, May 16, 2005

Graduation crowding

AS THE mother of a child who will be graduating in a few years from Jackson High School, I would love to see the ceremony at the Show Me Center. First of all, I would enjoy the air conditioning. The person said three years ago there was enough room, but I find it hard to believe because five years ago I had another senior graduate and there wasn't enough room. They did not have seating for handicapped people. The first-row bleachers should be reserved for the handicapped. Also there were people who were literally sitting on the platform. The school hadn't bothered to set up chairs for parents even though their parents had invested a lot of money for a graduation, for the party, for the cap and gown, for all the school pictures. It was really a disaster. I'd be curious to know what changed in two years. I think this person's just a little nostalgic, and realistically it would be better for the ceremony to be held at the Show Me Center in Cape. And if the Show Me Center has to be paid for, a fund raiser or two would be good for that.

Letter or call?

THE PEOPLE complaining about Morley Swingle's letter for all the parents should ask themselves this question: Would you rather receive a letter asking you to talk to your child about drinking and driving or would you rather receive a call from the police department telling you your child has been killed in a drunken-driving accident?

Thanks for sidewalks

THANKS TO the department that is putting in the sidewalks on Lexington Avenue and Perryville Road and the other streets out that way. Now we need sidewalks on Perryville Road from Perry Avenue to Cape Rock Drive. We would really appreciate it.

Not horsing around

I'M SURE glad our president wasn't horsing around, reading "My Pet Goat" today like he was back on Sept. 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers fell. Today he was doing what he really should have been doing. He was riding his bicycle and the Secret Service didn't even bother to tell him that they were emptying out all the buildings in Washington. That is such a scary thing, to not tell the president as he's out riding his bicycle with the other boys.

Sidewalks can wait

SEVERAL PEOPLE have called in complaining about the sidewalks, and in today's paper we've got someone who said those of us who are complaining about all the new sidewalks are against progress and are basically wanting to keep Cape as a backwater town. I'm not against progress, but over the last couple of years we've been continuously told as taxpayers by our city council and our mayor about how broke we are, that things can't be done, that firefighters and police don't have the correct equipment because we're not willing to pay more taxes. So we vote for these things and we give them these things, but instead of it being spent on necessities like equipment for the police and fire department we're getting sidewalks. I think the sidewalks are a great idea, but let's do that after the necessities are taken care of.

Treasure hunting

IN REGARD to the new Salvation Army store in Jackson, the comments from Speak Out and the newspaper were correct in some statements and incorrect in others. It is true that there is a great deal of hidden poverty in Jackson. However, it is not true that only the poor shop at Salvation Army. It is a great place for people to go who like to shop garage sales and other thrift stores looking for that hidden treasure. Maybe the dish that matched grandma's old set or some other thing that has been discarded. Not only does the Salvation Army do a great job for the needy, but they also provide a lot of fun for the rest of us who like to treasure hunt in hidden places.

Trashy trucks

I BELIEVE the trash-hauling companies are the biggest culprit in the trash controversy. As I drove onto Interstate 55 at Scott City this morning, I noticed a trash transport truck in front of me, I counted 16 pieces of trash blowing out of this truck by the time it reached Nash Road. My husband has also noticed this on other occasions. Our trash problem will not be solved until these companies are held liable for their actions.

Thanks, handsome

I WOULD like to thank the handsome young man in the video game department at Toys R Us. Old grandmas like myself don't know much when it comes time to buy birthday presents, and your help is greatly appreciated.

Connecting the dots

WHEN ARE folks in Southeast Missouri going to connect the dots? Through their Bum Deal, George Bush and the Republicans plan to destroy Social Security, Medicaid and all the other social, health and environmental programs that keep many folks out of the poor house, destitution and the hospital. Now they want to relax regulations controlling toxic lead in paint. If you or anyone in your family gets a government check, you cannot possibly support this Bush assault on your life. These folks aren't pro-life or anti-homosexual, they are just in favor of greed and profits for themselves.

Home turf

I WENT to Cape Central. We graduated at Houck Stadium, where our high school played our home football games. Yes, Houck has more seating than the Jackson football field, but there is no feeling like the one you have on your home ground. Keep it home. It's more sacred.

Where's safety gear?

I ENJOYED the cute pictures of the kids having fun at the Jackson skateboard park, but looking closely I noticed that none of the children had safety gear on -- elbow pads, helmets or gloves. I hope their parents don't sue the city of Jackson when their children get hurt.

Coined by Hoover

THE TERM "rugged individualism" was coined by President Herbert Hoover. He stated that that all individuals, or nearly all individuals, can succeed on their own and that government help for people should be minimal. This was in direct contrast to the socialist governments in Europe at the time.

Extremist slurs

MR. TWAIN'S letter suggesting that Dr. Robert Polack leave his country because of his beliefs worries me. As a moderate Republican voter who has disagreed with Dr. Polack at times, I would like to point out that Dr. Polack is highly respected and liked by students, faculty, and yes, even those who disagree with him at times. All of our modern social programs including Social Security, Medicare, and civil rights laws, required votes from both parties, and at no time did Democrats "rule" for 50 years. Heaven help us if we begin confusing Rush Limbaugh's version of history with fact. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Democratic Party was hijacked by a group of ugly extremist liberals. Now an equally ugly and dangerous radical right has hijacked the Republican Party, masters of propaganda who seek to redefine words such as liberal and secular, slurring them shamefully. Not so long ago, liberal thinkers with names like Einstein, Fermi and Teller were forced from their homelands by extremists. A few short years later, their efforts helped end one of the most horrific and barbaric episodes in world history, all because they found refuge on our free, liberal and blessed shores.

Watching the road

WITH THE 100-mile yard sale coming up, everyone who attends needs to remember that Highway 25 is a busy highway. Over the last couple of years, I personally have had a couple of close calls because of people walking from behind cars into the highway. Children need to be closely supervised. I plan to take alternate routes during that weekend this year.

Crossing paths

TO THE elderly gentleman who bought the Pioneer pattern glass bowl at my yard sale on South Louisiana on Saturday: I hope your wife has come home from the hospital safely as you expected and you were able to give her that gift. Your compassion and love for her is truly immeasurable! Thanks for crossing my path!

Barking dogs

I'VE RECENTLY had Cape animal control called with a complaint about my dogs barking. The only things my dogs bark at are the cats roaming free in the neighborhood. Animal control, please recognize this problem. Cat owners, please keep your cats inside where they belong or find them new homes. By violating the leash law, you are all exposing the dog owners to unnecessary complaints and putting us all at an unfair legal risk.

Barbecue plea

IF SOMEONE has the recipe for Blue Hole barbecue sauce they better share it with everyone.

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