Letter to the Editor

Congress to hurt farmers?

Monday, May 16, 2005

To the editor:

Are the farmers paying attention? Why is Congress making a trade deal that prohibits American farmers' goods from being exported to Central America? In that same trade deal, why are those Central American foreigners allowed to send their goods here? You mean to say American farmers won't be allowed to export to them for years, but Congress says it's OK for us to import their Central American agriculture products? Is this the subversive Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) Congress wants passed? Isn't this all part of the U.N.-related World Trade Organization agenda to cut back on American exports? Isn't the WTO pushing Congress to vote for those fraudulent free-trade agreements?

Why would Congress want to hurt American farmers but help foreign farmers? Why did U.S. Reps. Jo Ann Emerson and Kenny Hulshof and U.S. Sens. Bond and Talent vote for other fraudulent so-called free-trade agreements? (Ref. HR 2738 and HR 2739).

Isn't' it past time for Emerson, Hulshof, Bond and Talent to explain why they support the destructive CAFTA assault on our farmers? All is not lost. Congress can support our farmers by voting no on CAFTA. Isn't it time to get the United States out of that slippery WTO?

LORENE WOOLSEY, Mountain View, Mo.