Speak Out 4/9/10

Friday, April 9, 2010

Library assistance

WHILE attending a meeting at the Cape Girardeau Public Library, I was notified by one of the librarians that the trunk of my car was open. A young man stood guard by the car while his mother alerted the employee. I thanked the young man but did not get his name. Please, if he or his gracious mother sees this, please contact Ms. Stephanie in person at the library.

University baseball

I haven't seen the Southeast Missouri State University baseball team play this year, but I've been following the team in the paper, and it seems like it's doing a good job this year. I'd like to congratulate Mark Hogan. It seems ever since he came to the university as a coach he has worked hard to turn that program around. A lot of times when someone does something good it goes unnoticed. I want to say, "Hey, Mark, you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Congratulations on the team you've got this year."


LAST week someone said Planned Parenthood was great and that, because of that organization, she didn't have any children before she was ready for them. Guess what? I didn't have children before my husband and I were ready for them either, and I didn't need somebody else's help in doing that. I kept my pants zipped and didn't have sex until my husband and I knew we were ready for all possible consequences. People need to stop expecting others to hold them accountable and instead practice self-control.

Deficit issue

THE tea party movement is united on the issue of deficit spending by our federal government. This is an easy cover for a fragmented group that, if given real power, wouldn't be able to agree on much at all. If you need proof, ask around at the next tea party rally who was the better president, Reagan or Clinton. During the 1980s, deficit spending skyrocketed. President Clinton left office with a surplus.

Dog problems

THE dogs on Lorimier Street are annoying. Something needs to be done about them. The pit bulls need to be banned.

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