Letter to the Editor

Still providing mother's care

Friday, April 9, 2010

On Monday I attended the Missouri Task Force Forum for Alzheimer's at the Osage Community Centre. This meeting was important to me as my two sisters, my husband and I have taken care of my mother 24 hours a day for almost four years. I attended the meeting to give my input on recommendations for legislation to be given to Gov. Jay Nixon.

All who were there were able to speak on what they thought needs to be done to help those who are dealing with the disease. When I read the Southeast Missourian's article about the meeting, I felt it misrepresented our situation. I spoke about the fact that when my mother purchased long-term care insurance we never realized that it was only for nursing-home coverage of she was bedridden. I thought that is she went into a nursing home, she would be covered. We soon found out that was not the case.

What was taken out of context was this: "'I never realized how long this would go on,' said Elfrink, who cared for her mother until she could no longer emotionally handle the situation." I don't know where the writer came up with that information. We are still taking care of my mother at her home 24 hours a day.

Every day is a challenge for the caregiver. Your paper made it sound like I don't take care of her anymore. This is an emotional time for my family. I feel that what was written was not accurately stated, and I want people to know that we are still taking care of my mother. I have not abandoned her.

MARSHA ELFRINK, Cape Girardeau