MoDOT wrapping up Jackson traffic study

Friday, April 9, 2010

By today the Missouri Department of Transportation is expected to wrap up its two-week traffic count study in Jackson.

Conducted once every three years in cities with populations of more than 5,000, the study provides MoDOT and city staff with the most up-to-date information on the number of vehicles traveling on streets. Hoselike counters placed on the roadway record how many vehicles travel over a certain section of road.

"These results help us when we do long-range planning and budgeting for projects down the road," said Jackson public works director Rodney Bollinger. "The study serves as a guide to help us know what direction we should take on improvements to our streets and is a valuable tool for prospective businesses interested in locating here. Those businesses are always looking for high traffic areas."

When MoDOT last conducted a traffic study in 2007, it found the highest traffic count in Jackson in a single 24-hour period was at the intersection of South Hope and Monroe streets, with 12,696 motor vehicles traveling through that section. Areas along East Jackson Boulevard near Old Cape Circle and Shawnee Boulevard were the second- and third-most heavily traveled areas, respectively, the study found.

Other areas with high traffic counts included High Street just south of Independence Street, West Jackson Boulevard at Route PP and Highway 25 south of Jackson Trail.

Since the study was finished in 2007, an extension of East Main Street from Oak Hill Road to Interstate 55 has been completed. That section of road opened in December 2007.

Bollinger said he is curious to see how the recent extension of East Main Street has changed traffic counts in other sections of roadway that were ranked high in 2007.

"Now that we have another way to get into Jackson, it will be interesting to see if East Main Street has had a significant effect on traffic counts in other parts of Jackson," Bollinger said.

While the results of the study likely won't be finalized for a couple of months, Bollinger said he expects East Main Street to score relatively high.

"The additional traffic has already made us look long and hard at getting sidewalks built on East Main Street where there are none," Bollinger said. "We're getting word from people who live in that area that they need sidewalks so they feel safe while walking. We're looking at adding those sidewalks as early as next year."


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101 Court St., Jackson, MO

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