PHS district music festival results

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Forty Perryville High School students received a "I" or "II" rating on their solos and ensembles during the District Music Festival held at Cape Central High School on Friday, March 19. Students receiving a "I" rating are eligible to compete at the State Music Festival in Columbia, Missouri, in May 1.

"We had 26 students that received a "I" rating on their solo or ensemble performance that qualify for state competition," said Band Director Jay Peters. "That is an outstanding number of students to make it to state."

The Perryville High School Band received a "II" rating at the Large Ensemble (Band) Festival which was held at Southeast Missouri State University on Wednesday, March 17. "This competition is the state level for bands," said Peters. "We were evaluated by a panel of three judges. I am very proud of the band and all the individuals who participated in the District Music Festival."

"I" Rating Solos - Lilly Johnson (trumpet); Kat Boyer (tenor sax); Katie Winkler (flute); Nate Kinnison (trumpet and piano); (2nd row from left) Dylan Callier (snare drum); Zach Payne (trombone); Kimbra Paradee (trumpet); Josh Scherer (trumpet); (3rd row from left) Josh Hargrove (snare drum); Justin Masters (alto sax); Ryan Koesterer (flute); Jacob Lawrence (alto sax); (back row from left) Luke Edwards (French horn); Gabriel Lockhart (clarinet).

"I" Rating Ensembles - Nate Kinnison (trumpet trio); Shane Metzger (clarinet quartet); Caitlyn Mercer (clarinet quartet); Michaela Kohm (clarinet quartet); (2nd row from left) Jerrod Yount (trumpet trio); Kimbra Paradee (trumpet trio); Caitlin Schamburg (clarinet trio); Kelsey Bert (clarinet trio); (3rd row from left) Dylan Geile (percussion quintet); Dylan Callier (percussion quintet); Danielle Manche (percussion quintet and sax trio); Matt Choka (clarinet quintet); (back row from left) Lucas Beck (sax trio); Josh Hargrove (percussion quintet); Justin Masters (sax trio); and Gabriel Lockhart (clarinet trio). Not pictured: Andrew Pohlman (percussion quintet).

Picture #3 - "II" Rating Solos - (left to right) Jerrod Yount (trumpet); Garret Welker (trumpet); Jessie Church (flute); Kelsey Bert (clarinet); (2nd row from left) Terry Davis (contra clarinet); Josh Hargrove (snare drum); Mia Pohlman (alto sax); Brittany Haynes (also sax); (back row) Tyler McMahon (bass clarinet)

"II" Rating Ensembles - Lilly Johnson (trumpet trio); Jessie Church (flute trio and woodwind quartet); Katie Winkler (woodwind trio); Kaylie Winschel (flute trio); (2nd row from left) Garret Welker (trumpet trio); Kasey Hobbs (flute trio and woodwind quartet); Caitlin Schamburg (woodwind trio); Kat Boyer (woodwind trio); (3rd row from left) Dylan Geile; Josh Scherer (trumpet trio); Christine Byrd (woodwind quartet); Megan Galloway (woodwind quartet); (back from left) Scott Sanders (snare drum trio); Avery 'Welker (snare drum trio); and Tyler Holland (snare drum trio).

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