Speak Out 4/4/10

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ray of intelligence

THANKS for carrying Gene Lyons' column on your Opinion page. It is the only ray of intelligence I have ever found there.

Insurance windfall

JUST think of all the money that the insurance companies are going to have as a result of the health care bill, and all that money will go into the stock market. The Democrats are geniuses. Ronald Reagan is out.

Tough on predators

ONCE a predator, always a predator. Putting these people in jail or prison for a few months doesn't stop the craziness. I believe they should have two choices: life in prison or chemical castration. Our children shouldn't be human prey for these sick people.

Downtown ideas

I see a lot of good things happening in Cape Girardeau: a new children's museum, a new water park, extension of the walking trails. The next thing that needs to be looked at is a pedestrian-friendly downtown with better lighting. I know that it is a remote possibility, but if the train tracks could be routed away from the riverfront it would open up a lot of new opportunities for recreation downtown.

Medicaid bill

MISSOURI owes $20.5 million to Medicaid thanks to out-of-state privatization. How many voters realize we are paying residents of other states while Missourians are unemployed?

Government aid

A majority of Americans opposed the health care bill but had it shoved down their throats by the Democratic Party. Big government has now become a much bigger intrusion in our lives. I have always tried to help others with United Way and food pantries and other donations, but now will look after my family and let the government take care of everyone else.

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