Speak Out 5/12/05

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Defending Lucy

GARY LUCY is a prominent professional artist. His work has been on the PBS "Jim Lehrer's News Hour," a program that professor Ronald Clayton must certainly view. His work was on exhibit twice in the Old Courthouse in St. Louis with over 35,000 visitors each time. What makes art? Traditionally patrons pay for it. Private benefactors make this mural possible. How about being collectible? Many Western art collectors consider Lucy the best thing since sliced bread and are willing to pay $49,000 a painting, not exactly chump change. Lucy has a two-year backlog of commissions, and his early works have quadrupled in price.

Missouri looks trashy

MY HUSBAND and I recently took a trip to Florida. On our drive home, we were thoroughly impressed with the landscape and overall beauty of the different states we traveled through. That is until we hit the Missouri state line. We were disgusted to realize that Missouri is ugly. The areas are trashy looking, and I now understand why no one wants to live here. It is sad that Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas all take better care of their states.

Listening to Journet

YOU MIGHT not like Alan Journet, but I can remember him giving plenty of specifics about Iraq and why we shouldn't go to war there. Every single thing he said has come true. In the environmental arena, President Bush has undone over 300 major laws. Our children will see the effects for certain. We would do well to listen to Mr. Journet on every issue.

Sheriff has no radar

A RECENT Speak Out comment warned drivers to slow down while traveling County Road 318 and 314 near Route K. Apparently, this person was told that the sheriff's department was going to start enforcing the speed limit on those roads by setting up radar patrols. But there is a glaring problem with this person's warning: the Cape County Sheriff's Department does not have radar devices in their patrol vehicles. The author of this Speak Out comment was either deceived by the sheriff's department or was practicing a little deception of their own in an attempt to intimidate anyone who drives those roads.

CAFTA concerns

BEFORE BUSH and the Republican Congress ramrod CAFTA through, I'd like everyone to take a look at some facts. NAFTA has been an unmitigated disaster for Missouri and for the country and now they want to do more. Look at this Web site: www.umkc.edu/labor-ed/documents/Offshori.... Free trade must do more than just make the rich richer. It also has to protect workers and the environment. We'd all better be putting pressure on U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson about this.

Who's lunching for free?

IF JACKSON schools wants to save money they should look into free or reduced lunches for some families. How funny it is that someone could drive around in a new vehicle and vacation all over the world and still qualify for free or reduced lunches. This ruins it for families that really need this service.

Run amok coverage

THE RUN AMOK coverage of the runaway pride is standard procedure in our culture where celebrity stalking is perfectly acceptable. Even non-celebrities now feel the pains of paparazzi-style "journalism." If people would have stopped buying tabloids when they became more and more outrageous, then maybe traditional journalism standards would have survived. But people get what they pay for.

Wasting ink

IT'S AMAZING that this paper will waste the ink to print the opinions of David Limbaugh. That apple fell far from the family tree intellectually. Even my staunch-Republican husband thinks so. Isn't it time for the Missourian to find a legitimate columnist?

The real freeloaders

WHEN IT comes to Medicaid, the real freeloaders are the docs, hospitals and insurance companies who rip off the system. Of course, it will be the truly needy who will suffer.

Numbed by war

THE RUNAWAY bride is news because it's a fascinating human interest story. Though still large, the number of people who die in Iraq on a daily basis has become less newsworthy because we've become accustomed to it, even numbed by it as with Vietnam. Eventually the war will resurface when the public concludes enough is enough. Massive protests will take place, Congress will declare victory, we'll pull our troops out, and Iraq will descend into civil war.

Non-voters don't count

WHAT GOV. Blunt is doing with Medicaid is unpopular but necessary, opined a Speak Out caller. Are you kidding? It's extremely popular with those who vote. Of course, it's not with the masses who don't vote. Sadly, politicians pay attention only to voters and couldn't care less about the effect of their holocaustic cuts in Medicaid on the non-voting needy.

Christian question

I POSE the following questions to David Limbaugh: How did the Christian God get to be pro-rich, pro-American and pro-war?

Keep writing

I JUST wanted to say how much I appreciated Robert Polack Jr.'s last letter. I really enjoy all that he writes, but the reference to "Hoover-Crowell values" was truly inspired. That's exactly what we have in Crowell, Kinder and many other Republicans. They are total ideologues, real Hoovers in the worst sense. They are totally self-serving or dedicated to elite interests. You keep writing, Mr. Polack. We always need to hear your voice.

Sidewalks of Cape

PEOPLE HAVE been writing in complaining about the new sidewalks on Lexington, one of the best improvements the city has done lately. These are probably the same people against every other improvement to the city of Cape. These people need to understand that Cape is now a city not a tiny backwater town anymore.

Remember Rockwell

A SEMO arts professor wrote in this week whining about how someone else got to design part of the new fine arts facility and how that person wasn't qualified because he was a historical illustrator. The same thing was said about Norman Rockwell. So-called experts said he wasn't an artist, just an illustrator. Rockwell became one of the best-loved artists of the century.

Make politics public

I BELIEVE all SEMO professors and even school teachers should have to publicly proclaim whether they are Republican or Democrat or independent and their voting records should be public. When a student has to attend a particular teacher's class they are getting whatever information that teacher chooses to share whether conservative or liberal, and the student needs to know so he or she can balance the information with other information.

Close downtown streets

THE CITY of Cape Girardeau should close off all streets in the downtown area and just open it up to pedestrians. Other cities downtowns have been revitalized by doing this. The city also needs better lighting and more greenery.

Tax only the rich

THERE'S ONE way to fix all of our government budget problems: Tax the rich. Not the middle class or the poor, but the rich. Close the tax loopholes. Close the offshore accounts and run up the top rates past 50 percent for those families who earn over $150,000. Trickle down economics is a joke. They build factories all right -- in Mexico. Tax them for the benefit of us all and cut taxes on the middle class. We all need to start thinking like this.

Losing votes

IN THE hope that Gov. Blunt is informed by his aides of all the political comments from average voters (and in the hope that he cares, which is beginning to look doubtful): I am one of the disabled people who may lose Medicaid soon. My small circle of relatives and friends numbers 87, most of whom are Republicans. These 87 people will not vote Republican next time mainly because of the uncaring attitude of this administration. If all the approximately 90,000 people who will lose Medicaid have a similar number of relatives and friends, the Republicans stand to possibly lose lots of votes next time around.

Hatred and loathing

FOR YOUR own sake and not for hers, please forgive Jane Fonda. If you continue to harbor hatred and loathing toward her, it will send you to an early grave.

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