Letter to the Editor

Disheartening reading

Thursday, May 12, 2005


It was disheartening to read professor Clayton's comments regarding artist Gary Lucy's mural commissioned by Southeast Missouri State University to be displayed at the new River Campus. First of all, Prof. Clayton's comments are unprofessional. Secondly, they are simply untrue.

Mr. Clayton stated, "[Gary Lucy] is no artist and has no standing in the art world." No artist? He has been a professional artist for over 30 years, has received many awards, and his beautiful work is displayed all over Missouri (including my living room). Not only is it attractive, it is historically accurate.

We as Southeast Missourians, rather than be ashamed of our rich river heritage and refer to ourselves as "isolated out of touch cultural backwater," should embrace the natural beauty of where we live and proudly tell the area's story not only through art but other lasting forms of media.

Hopefully, future art students at the River Campus will be taught to appreciate many forms of art and certainly not have ideas placed in their heads by instructors on what they believe is or is not "art." Hopefully Mr. Lucy will not become discouraged by Mr. Clayton's negative commentary. Anyone interested in learning about this talented artist and viewing the progress of his mural should visit www.garylucy.com for a stunning visual treat.