Speak Out 3/30/10

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Waiting list

ABOUT four years ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with colon cancer during a routine colonoscopy. Two days later he was operated on. Today he is healthy and enjoying his life and his family. It won't happen overnight. It will gradually sneak up on us, but 10 years from now a person in his situation will be put on a six-month waiting list while a government bureaucrat decides if and how his case should be treated. By the time a decision is made, his cancer will be so far advanced that surgery will no longer be a cost-effective option. Canada has this system in full swing right now. We will have it sooner than we think.


YOU can't work with someone who doesn't want to be worked with, and that's the Republicans. They've become the obstructionist party. And if our country's divided, it's because of hate-talk radio. There doesn't seem to be another viewpoint that's balanced. That needs to be resolved. As of right now, President Obama is a good leader, almost as good as George Bush. He needs to be given a chance to lead instead of constant obstruction. I think Obama compromised plenty on the health care bill.

Taking your money

THE vote in the House of Representatives was never about health care. It was about taking your hard-earned money and taking your freedom, President Obama wants to remake this country into something like Russia. My daughter has been to Russia many times. They don't have to worry about where to live, where to work, what to eat because it's all provided, but it's all crappy.

Glad it passed

REGARDING the health care bill that was passed: I sure am glad it passed, and I hope and pray that it works out. I think it will. I think the Republicans need to worry about the American people who pay their bills and pay their wages.

Ishee is a good guy

I'M so thankful that Coach John Ishee is going to be back for another year. He's a good guy, and he's done a great job. His overall wins and losses show that, especially the OVC wins and losses.

Driving hours

IT has come to my attention that in order to receive a license to drive a car, a child may log a certain number of miles driven with an adult or signed off by a parent. Some parents are taking a shortcut and signing off just to save time. Little Johnny says, "But everybody does it." Please, don't let your young child get a license without the required hours of instruction. You are only hurting the child, yourself and other innocent drivers. Please do the right thing.

Wasted money

I would like to thank the Southeast Missourian for running the interesting article with regards to unpaved streets in Cape Girardeau. The city has wasted the Transportation Trust Fund money on sidewalks, streets for developers and special-interest walking trails while the city employees haven't had a raise in two years. I'm voting no for the TTF extension.

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