Letter to the Editor

Speak up, start doing something

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I will finally admit it. The federal government has expanded to influence and control many areas it should not, often reaching outside constitutional bounds. The recent health care bill and runaway spending are additional symptoms of this long-term trend of expansion. Both parties are responsible. I also share responsibility by saying and doing nothing in the past. We must do something different in order to reverse this trend and its logical progression to government interference in areas once thought sacrosanct.

I am not alone in these observations, because a few people have had the courage to speak up publicly despite the risk of being alone, ignored, marginalized and labeled paranoid, kooky, insincere and worse, or being caught associating with people so labeled. We will disagree with them on much, like word choice, but if we do not stand with them when they're right, we are abandoning our fellow citizens who stick their necks out and discouraging others who would agree but, like myself, are usually silent to avoid attention.

Everyone, please start doing something you have not done before to speak up and start moving things in the right direction whether through letters like this, letters to leaders at all levels, rallies, etc. Then back it up by electing candidates who intend to return to constitutional bounds, even if it means selecting parties and candidates you would never even consider in the past. We need to exercise our freedoms if we expect to keep them in the future.

ERIC LYNCH, Cape Girardeau