Letter to the Editor

Money is the path to power

Friday, March 26, 2010

Progressives want more than anything power over others. The path to power is first money -- too many are influenced by money. Sunday's passage of the health care legislation was made possible with money. We will see over the next few years how the remaining 80 percent of the stimulus money, approved nearly a year ago, will be spent. My guess is it will be spent in the districts of those who voted yes. Time will tell, but don't count on the mainstream media to let us know. While the progressives are desperate to control health care, they'll settle for the tax increases included in the legislation. It's my guess that we'll see countless changes to the health care components of the new bill. And while too many are focused on the unconstitutional components, the tax increases will be left standing. And it will be with that additional money, swept from the hands of the working class, that more votes will be bought for who knows what is next.

Today I can't get the book "Atlas Shrugged" out of my mind. I'm tempted to take a trip to Galt's Gulch and look for John Galt. Of course this is a tongue in cheek comment, but readers of "Atlas Shrugged," written over 50 years ago, will understand.