Speak Out 3/25/10

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Insurance business

PRESIDENT Obama has made the insurance industry his whipping boy of the health care debate. He has vilified the insurance industry repeatedly as evil and greedy, and his health care plan is designed to show the insurance industry who is boss. However, it seems to have escaped notice that he is going to send 30 million new customers to the insurance companies with a law that says they must purchase insurance. I'll bet that really disappoints the evil insurance industry.

Doctors lost

FOR as long as anybody can remember, doctors and lawyers have been competing. Today the lawyers won a major battle. With passage of the health care bill, doctors will be paid a little less and lawyers will be paid a little more. I don't know the details, and neither will anyone else for a few months. But the doctors just lost.

Losing our money

CASINOS do not create wealth. They remove it from a community. For every dollar spent at the proposed casino, 75 cents of wealth will leave the Cape Girardeau area. Some say the casino will bring in tax money to the city that can be used for this or for that. That casino tax money is a small portion of the money that was harvested from the people of Cape Girardeau who will lose money at the betting tables. All the casino will do is to take our money and then try to make us feel good by give a small portion to the city.

On the Constitution

IN response to the letter "Tactics are part of larger agenda": It will be difficult to improve conditions in this country so long as everyone is so intent on being right that context and truth become secondary considerations. Whatever his faults may be, to tar the president as flawed and essentially a socialist or unpatriotic because he states the Constitution is flawed is not very thoughtful or true. His comments related to the treatment of slavery in our founding documents. While the treatment of the slavery issue was practical for the political reality of the times, even Jefferson recognized the flaw in owning other human beings. I would have to agree with then-senator Obama's observation that the Constitution was flawed, and that flaw was corrected in amendments enacted after the Civil War. How does Obama's statement relating to that particular aspect of our Constitution make him a socialist or unpatriotic?

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