Letter to the Editor

Feeding Haiti's orphans

Everyone involved with Out of Poverty Thru Education would like to thank the local community for the help it gave after the terrible earthquake in Port au Prince, Haiti.

OPTE is a local, not-for-profit group assembled two years ago to build an orphanage school in Thomassique, Haiti.

While Thomassique was not directly affected by the earthquake, it was a bump in the road to our plans on starting construction.

We are determined to forge on with this worthwhile project. The money donated to OPTE went to feed and help refugees coming into the countryside from the devastation in the capital. We are now able to feed approximately 175 to 200 orphan children every other day.

Thanks to a community that cares for other human beings in need. Our website is www.OPTE.us.

GEORGE "SKIP" WRAPE, Cape Girardeau