Scott County Commission revises 911 address system rules

Thursday, March 25, 2010

BENTON, Mo. -- Scott County commissioners approved revisions to the county's addressing ordinance during their Tuesday meeting.

Presiding Commissioner Jamie Burger said the revisions were needed to reflect some changes recommended by Joel Evans, emergency management director for the county.

In the ordinance's section regarding the street naming system, a provision was added requiring any road 1,000 feet or longer with a structure on it to be named regardless of whether it is a public or private road.

This provision is in addition to the policy already in place, which requires a name for roads of any length, private or public, that have three or more structures.

A revision in a section mandating the way addresses are posted changed the distance for numbers displayed on the front of the residence or structure. That distance was 50 feet from the edge of the road's right of way but has now been increased to 150 feet.

Structures more than 150 feet from the road must have the address displayed on a post, fence, wall or mailbox. The address can also be placed on a structure at the property line adjacent to the walk or access drive to the residence or structure.

Also during Tuesday's meeting, Evans showed commissioners a mock-up of a new door hanger that will be placed on the doorknobs of residences and structures that do not have the correct address displayed correctly.

The hangers are being prepared by a local print shop.

"They'll be fluorescent green," Evans said. "They should be ready this week so you should see them deployed by early next week."

The hangers have information about the county addressing requirements printed on the back.

"Basically, it's how to post your 911 address on your home," Evans said.

"We're trying to get everyone in compliance," Burger said. "It's a benefit to the people in the event they need emergency services so they will be able to find them."

Commissioner Dennis Ziegenhorn said sometimes residents remove the address numbers to paint their home and don't put them back up.

"It just takes one time for an ambulance not to be able to find you," Ziegenhorn said. "Bad things can happen."

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