Missouri Delta Medical Center reaches deal with Anthem

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SIKESTON, Mo. -- Missouri Delta Medical Center will remain an in-network provider for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance customers.

"Blue Cross and Missouri Delta have resolved their differences and have come to an agreement," hospital president Charles Ancell said Monday. "We do have a contract with Blue Cross now, and it will allow us to offer neurosurgery and orthopedics in Sikeston and not lose money on it."

Ancell said hospital officials anticipate being able to offer neurosurgery for Blue Cross customers beginning April 1.

The agreement was reached "well in advance" of the May 28 contract termination date after which in-network coverage would have not been in effect, Ancell said. "There will be no interruption of service to Blue Cross Blue Shield subscribers," he said.

Subscribers are expected to receive notification letters from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield soon.

Pertinent address:

1008 North Main Street, Sikeston, MO

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