Out of the past 5/8/05

Sunday, May 8, 2005

25 years ago: May 8, 1980

A decision on what to do with the old public library building in Courthouse Park after it is abandoned next month has been postponed by the Cape Girardeau City Council, at least until the county court has time to decide whether or not it has a need for the facility.

Interest in a charter or "home rule" government in Cape Girardeau, which has been expressed periodically for a decade, has been revived with the recent formation of a Charter Government Task Force within the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce and a renewed effort for home rule by the Cape Girardeau County League of Women Voters;.

50 years ago: May 8, 1955

Formal dedication for the new Christian Church is held in the afternoon; speaker for the occasion is Dr. Roy C. Snodgrass, dean of Brite College of the Bible at Texas Christian University.

Norman Robert of the Cape Girardeau Junior Chamber of Commerce is elected state vice president at the organization's state convention in St. Louis, Mo.; Robert is also given a Key Man of the State Award for the quarter for his outstanding Jaycee work, a large portion of which was in connection with the Jaycee Public Golf Course.

75 years ago: May 8, 1930

Formal announcement that the Frisco Railroad will abandon Cape Girardeau as a terminal of the Gulf Line, and withdraw passenger service from four towns in Scott County, is made following publication of a new timecard.

At a special session, the Cape Girardeau City Council appoints patrolman Jesse Crafton chief of police to succeed H.F. Wickham; Fred M. Farris is named to Crafton's former spot; E.L. Hutson succeeds patrolman Ed Frenzel, and Frank Lowery is appointed city councilor to succeed Rush H. Limbaugh.

100 years ago: May 8, 1905

Immense crowds begin to arrive in Cape Girardeau at an early hour to attend the circus; the perfect weather tells the country folk that a big day of pleasure is at hand; a big street parade in the morning brings every resident to the streets.

Precisely in the same manner of a week ago, the electric lights failed Saturday evening, sending merchants scrambling to find candles and kerosene lamps with which to light those demanding goods for Sunday; barbershops felt the darkness -- or rather those getting shaved did; men in the chairs held candles while the barbers worked.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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