Speak Out 5/8/05

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Turn on wipers

You must have your headlights on if your windshield wipers are on. Check with your local law officers. Also, you must put your lights on within 30 minutes after sunset. This is not so you can see. It is so others can see you. Please turn them on.

Power corrupts

CITY COUNCIL members want to appoint a committee to review the city charter. Specific topics to consider include changing the system for electing council members and procedures for filling vacancies on the council. Clearly these changes would increase the power and control of those currently in office. Is it not a conflict of interest for the council to appoint members to this committee? This is the same city council that proposed eliminating oversight by the ethics commission, the same city council that wishes to dictate how many pets a family may have. Do we want that type of intrusion by government? Should this mayor and city council be allowed even more power?

Beware of phone scam

I HAVE been receiving calls from people that are asking questions, they say they're asking surveys but I think it's a phone scam. People need to be aware of this and don't give out any specific answers like yes and no and question odd calls.

Voting for war

JUST SAW a new survey on the news that said 40 something percent of the people thought the war in Iraq was wrong, that we were wrong to go to war. I find that hard to believe since President Bush won the election and some of those people must be Bush supporters. Also I'd like to say, you voted for him, you get what you ask for. A vote for Bush was a vote for war, a vote against Bush was a vote against war.

Boat ramp needs trash can

IT SEEMS like that we're all worrying about the litter in Cape Girardeau. How is it that our conservation department can't even put a trash can down at the Diversion Channel boat ramp? Before long, it is going to look all littered up due to the fact there's no trash can down there for boaters to put their trash in. The trash is accumulating down there pretty quickly.

Weekend hours necessary

I'M WONDERING if our new $4.7 million, 20,000-square-foot new conservation center is going to be staffed and open on the weekends so that people besides students can enjoy it. I would think that price would have paid for an agent to be there to open the doors on the weekends.

Save Social Security

MIGHT IT not be wiser now to just let those Arabs fight it out with each other in Afghanistan and Iraq and invest that $82 billion war funding in saving the Social Security trust fund for all future retirees and to get our country on a better financial economic security base and save American soldiers' lives.

Borrow for Social Security

I'M READING the Southeast Missourian on May 4 and it says "House, Senate agree on $82 billion to fund Iraq, Afghanistan wars" and that we have a president who's asking to take a cut in Social Security. I can't understand it at all. If we have the money for that, why can't we borrow the money to put in Social Security and never have any problem with it?

Flowers add to scenery

IF EVERYONE along Big Bend Road would plant a flower or a flowing bush, what a beautiful drive it would be to Trail of Tears Park.

Good times ahead

AS A senior citizen who has lived through some tough times I have to conclude that times must be pretty good today if the major problems in some people's minds are smoking in restaurants or drinking a free beer at SEMO baseball game.

Widen Kingshighway

THIS MESSAGE is directed to MoDOT and also the city fathers of Cape Girardeau. Can you tell the taxpaying residents of Cape and the surrounding area why we cannot get a wider turn lane on North Kingshighway? The turn lane on North Kingshighway all the way up from Mount Auburn and Lexington Avenue to the park is so narrow that in just a normal pickup truck, if you try to turn there, your mirrors are actually sticking out across the lines. It's one of the most dangerous spots in this whole area. Why the engineers cannot figure this out and put another foot or two of turn lane like you've got on the rest of the Kingshighway east of Mount Auburn and Lexington is beyond me. Are we going to wait until somebody has an accident and gets killed ? Is that what we do, we wait until somebody gets hurt? Why can't we take the initiative and get this fixed and add an extra foot.

Time away from lessons

IT IS May 4 and my child once again said the mayor has taken classroom time away from the Cape Middle School. My child needs to go to math and science and not listen to someone who spends taxpayers' money on sidewalks and useless things. Does the mayor have a real job at the bank? It just proves my point -- vice presidents at banks don't work that hard.

Apology requested

THIS IS to the Speak Out caller who said that the parents who don't like getting the letter from Morley Swingle, you used a line from Shakespeare, "methinks thou protests too much." No there is no protesting too much. When our privacy has been violated, we have a right to complain. Would the school have given these addresses to anybody else? Would the schools have sold or given away their graduation list to any other group? It's not correct. I don't appreciate it, and I think the school should be held accountable and they owe us all an apology.

Find cure for diseases

MY HEART goes out to the family suffering from ALS. My husband died of Alzheimer's, my mother from ALS. The family of Alzheimer's patients watch their loved ones slowly slip away from, helpless to stop the progress of a heartbreaking disease. An ALS patient has a very alert, intelligent mind captured in a completely and totally helpless body -- a living hell. Let us do everything possible for a cure of these horrible diseases.

Inflated prices

Now we understand who is profiting by higher fuel prices. Is anyone surprised that it is the oil companies that have inflated revenue from the pockets of working Americans?

Poverty exists in Jackson

I WOULD like to make a little comment on an article I just read in today's paper. The article is on the new Salvation Army Thrift Store that just opened up in Jackson. First, I think that's great we have one now. Second, it said that Jackson isn't a town associated with poverty, but there is poverty all around in different locations, and Jackson does have it too. I live in Jackson and I'm one of those on the poverty line. There are many of us here, but Jackson is too embarrassed to admit it. Jackson doesn't want to say anything about us, just their rich residents. We are here, you can't ignore that fact and there will always be poverty in this town and every town in this wonderful world we live in.

Miraculous cure

I CAN understand it. At least denying Medicaid coverage for eyeglasses, while paying for checkups, might not allow Medicaid recipients to read the opinion page of the Southeast Missourian. That could well lead to a miraculous cure and they'd no longer need Medicaid.

New direction for UN

THE U.N. would indeed take a new direction if John Bolton is approved as U.N. ambassador. Its existence would evaporate.

Keep spending in check

"SPENDING PRIORITIES" was right on the mark. When is something going to be done about SEMO's frivolous waste of the taxpayers' money? It seems there is no limit to their waste of our money. There are too many more important things needed. They spent all that money on a parking garage then charge so much for parking that hardly anyone uses it. I have written to my legislators and hope more of you will do the same. We need a full-scale investigation of their spending.

Change to Fahrenheit

I APPRECIATE the bank on Jackson Boulevard that gives the time and temperature, but give me a break -- who in the heck reads a thermometer in Celsius around here? I'll keep my calculator handy in my console so I can observe their Celsius reading and multiply by 9/5 and add 32 to find the temperature in Fahrenheit!

Small schools get noticed

THANK YOU for adding pictures of the Oak Ridge High School prom and the other small schools on semissourian.com. It was great to see some small schools get some attention. Keep it up!

Thanks for the effort

THE STORIES I've heard about area residents picking up trash and mending their ways since this new emphasis has been placed on ridding our region of litterbugs have been great. I hope to read more and see more as this year goes on. Let's keep up the good work, neighbors, and the City of Roses might actually earn a new nickname.

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