Letter to the Editor

We need to work with our leaders

Sunday, May 8, 2005


To those of you that are going to feel the effects of a balanced budget, both state and federal: The Democrats spent millions last summer and fall telling you how the budget would be balanced, but you would not listen. Did you really think Bush and Blunt would balance the budgets at the expense of the more well-to-do people? Case in point: River Campus. Our state leaders will give them $3.62 million and yet cut Medicaid.

Everyone knows of Medicaid abuse, but if you kill a snake you just cut its head off, you don't have to chop it up in little pieces. I think we may have a little overkill in the new Medicaid.

I have worked in construction for 45 years and realized years ago that anyone that carries a lunch box should vote Democratic for their own good. We have elected our state and national leaders and we should work with them -- at least until the next election.

BOB JOHNSON, Fruitland