Dog's Can't Vote....You Can

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
So many reasons to help

Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation will be participating in the 2010 SEMO Home Builders Association, Home Show, at the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, March 19, 20 and 21. This year's booth will include a special showing of a portion of the 2010 art exhibit "Dogs Can't Vote....You Can". This is the fourth annual MAAL art exhibit touring the state of Missouri through October. Each piece in this compelling exhibit will include comments from the artists, adding even more depth and emotion to the overall effect. All of the artwork was created by Missouri artists.

Included in this exhibit will be the top 10 placing photograph of "Spanky", the American Pit Bull Terrier seized in Cape Girardeau County in 2007. This will be a repeat appearance for this piece from last year's exhibit.

Missouri has earned a reputation as the "Puppy Mill Capital of the United States" due to its many unsanitary, overcrowded and poorly regulated commercial dog breeding facilities. According to a state audit report released in July 2008, the Department of Agriculture had failed to inspect 40 percent of the state's known licensed commercial breeders as required by law.

It has been 18 years since the 1992 Animal Care Facilities Act was passed, and Missouri still remains the "Puppy Mill Capital of the United States". Missouri has three times as many commercial breeders as any other state in the country. The Alliance is dedicated to pursuing fair, common sense reform designed to protect all of our domesticated animals. The public will have a chance to learn more about the many pieces of legislation, initiatives and resolutions being considered this year in the State of Missouri.

The booth will also feature demonstrations by several of our local dog trainers. We look forward to providing an educational and informational experience that can be enjoyed by all.

The Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation is a non-profit lobbying organization founded in 1990. Donations to the Alliance are not tax deductable. The Alliance is the only organization lobbying exclusively for animal welfare issues in Missouri. To learn more about the Alliance, visit their website

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