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Speak Out 3/15/10

Monday, March 15, 2010

Struggling Americans

THE American people voted for Barack Obama. He is our president. To those who criticize him, show us something else or get over it. It may be a game for some, but the majority of Americans are struggling daily.

Federal programs

I think Congress needs to go on Social Security and Medicare like the rest of us. That would be solve a lot of the problems with those programs. We should be the ones voting on when federal legislators get raises. Until the people get wise enough to make Congress change the way things are going, we will never have anything for the poor. Those of us who are handicapped are out of luck.

Fair punishment

IF someone gets seven years for kicking in a door to a dorm room and stealing, then I think someone who tries to cut off his wife's finger deserves five years. I think one of the most horrendous things for children to see growing up would be Dad mistreating Mom. I've always been fortunate that I've had a wonderful husband who has never mistreated me. That's how it should be in a marriage. He's been a loving person. It's tragic when children grow up in a home where Mom is mistreated and Dad can't seem to manage more self-control.

Teachers' pay

SOUTHEAST Missouri State Unviersity instructors are complaining about cuts. They need to stop complaining. They're getting paid handsomely. Be realistic. Teach in the public schools for $30,000 a year and then tell me who's overworked and underpaid.

Census data

THE U.S. Census form asks for both your age on April 1, 2010, and also your date of birth. Do they think we can't do the math? A call to the toll-free Census helpline was a waste of time. The answer was if that information is left blank, someone will come to your house to get the information. I'm concerned about giving out my personal information.

Thanks for billfold

I want to thank the wonderful, honest man who found my billfold on the Lowe's parking lot. God bless you.

Changing time

DAYLIGHT saving time was instituted during World War II so that when people got home from work they could work in their victory gardens. There are no more victory gardens. Why do we still have daylight-saving time? It's ridiculous to have four months of standard time and eight months of daylight-saving time. Now kids in the morning are going to wait in the dark to wait for their school bus.

Research on Rice

WE have once again been chastised for opposing the Rev. Larry Rice's homeless shelter. The assumption is that those of us who opposed it are unchristian and don't want to help the homeless. From what I have heard from those who opposed it, many people are like me. I didn't oppose it because it was homeless shelter. In fact, I hope we get a homeless shelter in Cape Girardeau. I was against it after doing careful research into Rice. After reading about his past so-called efforts for the homeless, I could not in good conscience back him.

Dead bill

I'D like to remind our readers that, contrary to a recent comment, the health care bill didn't die on Christmas Eve. It was passed by the Senate. It died the day a Republican, who promised to vote against it, was elected senator in Massachusetts, one of the most liberal states in the nation. It's still dead, and in its current form will remain so.

Rely on the law

IF David Limbaugh is so confident that the health care proposal is unconstitutional, then why worry? The U.S. Supreme Court will declare it so.

Tax return

I heard a story about a man who wanted to save money on his heating bills by burning wood. He bought a wood stove and a chain saw. He cut so much wood that he needed a splitter. He split so much wood that he had to buy a truck to haul it. This story reminds me of the Perryville School District, which is receiving just under $1 million in grant money to burn wood in order to save $30,000 a year. They'll realize a return on the taxpayers' investment in about 32 years.

Cut athletics

SOUTHEAST Missouri State Universtiy is phasing out a business program to save money. Across the nation, schools are closing, teachers are being fired, programs for children with special needs are closing and on and on. Has even one sacred athletic program been touched? Has even one assistant coach been laid off? Has even one athletic scholarship been reconsidered? Isn't it time that high schools and colleges consider dropping all of the sports programs that have such a financial stranglehold on education in this country?

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Teachers' pay......I'm not so sure you're aware of the difference between being a teacher in K-12 and being a Professor....not only is the education required more but the responsibilities outside of the classroom are more (research and other university based responsibilities). All these things are why the pay *should* be higher than a K-12 teacher..

Also, they don't get paid nearly as glamorously as you think...and these people have their masters or higher..

They deserve what they get...they deserve more.

-- Posted by Artsy. on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 12:11 AM

ALL educators deserve more . . .college level or otherwise.

-- Posted by witchyone on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 12:38 AM

Cut Athletics,

Yes, sports programs have been cut in recent years due to budget issues. Not here at SEMO, but many other places. Northern Iowa dropped baseball after the 2009 season. Northeastern University and Hofstra both dropped their football programs after the 2009 season. Blackburn College dropped their football program after the 2008 season. I'll bet they saw a big increase in the budget after making that move (while they lost 50+ students in the process or more).

It would be ridiculous for SEMO to look at cutting sports money. It's pitiful what they fund now. Can't wait for my last 9 months here in Cape Girardeau to end. People here in southeast Missouri are awful about supporting local college athletics and it's sickening. You just expect them to be good, but do not want to provide the resources for them to even be remotely competitive.

-- Posted by redhawkstudent on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 12:52 AM

You just expect them to be good, but do not want to provide the resources for them to even be remotely competitive.

-- Posted by redhawkstudent on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 12:52 AM

And all this time I thought it was hard work, dedication, determination, drive, pride, 'heart' and self discipline that made athletes the top of their sport. (And a little natural ability doesn't hurt!)

-- Posted by Theorist on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 6:05 AM

good morning ☺

Cut athletics ----Across the nation, schools are closing, teachers are being fired, programs for children with special needs are closing and on and on....i could have swore that one of the main selling points on passing the Missouri Lotto was because the money would go to schools . Where has the lotto money gone ?

Thanks for billfold ...you're more then welcome !

Fair punishment ....it all depends on which finger...

-- Posted by ..Rick on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 7:01 AM

I'm getting to where I can barely read SO. People call in or write and complain about the most rediculous things.

-- Posted by kellyma82 on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 7:44 AM


havin' a bad day over there on that side of the screen today ?

-- Posted by ..Rick on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 8:10 AM

Dear "guyfromCG",

I'm glad to hear that you are a United States Veteran who is concerned about the freedoms that WE (yes, I'm a VETERAN TOO!) fight for. On the other hand, please make NO mistake of confusing a freedom to make a personal choice, from the freedom to "harm others." You and others have the right to choice whether or not to smoke, and to be able to make that choice is a freedom. Now, when you and others take that "personal choice" into public indoor areas in which other citizens' (tax payers!)Health is affected, and then YOUR choice now becomes a public problem.

Let's say that I am an eighty year old WWII veteran who grew up in Cape G., exercies daily, but due to genetics I just recently had an open-heart surgery. My doctor (you know, 8-12 years of college!) gave me a list of factors that could affect my already unstable heart valve and on that list is ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke). So now I should have to stay home and not frequent my favorite restaurants, which I've been going to longer than you've probably even been alive, just because "you have the freedom to do whatever you want, in consideration?"

I'd say, "Show some respect for your elders and go outside to smoke, Veteran!"

-- Posted by student1@semo on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 8:28 AM

Re: Census, I don't understand why people are afraid of the Census. Anyone care to explain?

Please, no conspiracy theories...

-- Posted by donacita on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 10:40 AM


i dunno as i would call it fear...i'm thinking it's more like apprehension and mistrust..

-- Posted by ..Rick on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 11:56 AM


Congrats on reaching 80 and thank you very very much for your service so many years ago.

That being said, If that cigarette and pipe smoke didn't kill you back in the late 30s, 40s, 50s and most of the 60s I doubt it is gonna kill you now! I bet you live another 4 or 5 years minimum. Fact remains Sir, the decision not to allow smoking in public restaurants should be left up to the owner of that establishment.

That sir, is true freedom!

-- Posted by GREYWOLF on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 3:23 PM

Haha Rick, not really. But I was very tired and my alarm was annoying this morning, tis all. :)

-- Posted by kellyma82 on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 7:30 PM


The census should provide only the information on a need to know basis. The census is constitutionally mandated to collect data for the government to function effectively and to determine the apportionment U.S. House seats, the basis for our representative democracy.

Anything asked to provide information beyond that basic need is too intrusive and violates the right to basic privacy.

The first census in 1790 asked six questions, sounds reasonable to me. Education levels, ethnicity, number of firearms owned and other invasive questions are not relevant to the census count.

Whole families of illegals living in don't ask, don't tell apartment complexes will be instrumental in skewing the accuracy of the count.

-- Posted by Balmy on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 7:45 PM

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