Speak Out 3/14/10

Sunday, March 14, 2010

All equal

IN reading the congressional votes in the Southeast Missourian, I see where there was a vote about recognizing challenges faced by black veterans. Why are black veterans any different from white or Hispanic or any other color? Why do they have special needs? I thought that we were all equal. This really burns me.

Wonderful job

PRESIDENT Obama is doing a wonderful job. The economy is coming back. Iraq and Afghanistan are looking better. Health care is going to be passed for all Americans. He averted a financial meltdown. Republicans and Democrats are working together, plus all races are joining hand-in-hand, it's making America great again. With God's favor, this will all come to pass in the end. God bless America. Way to go, President Obama.

Unnecessary letter

MY husband and I got a letter from the U.S. Department of Commerce telling us that next week we're going to get a 2010 census form. No wonder our country is going bankrupt. Why is the government sending a letter telling you that you're going to get a letter next week? Aren't we smart enough to figure that out when we get it? I'm so disgusted with how things are done, moneywise, in the United States now.

Democratic doubts

THE health care debate is simple. The Democrats are in control of the House, the Senate and the presidency. If they really thought that all of this was good for the United States, it would have already been done. Lots of Democrats know this health care plan is not good for the United States, and that's the reason why they're holding back.

Riverboat fan

I'M a riverboat gambler, along with many family and friends. We are retired, and it's not easy to get around. We need some fun and games to keep our blood flowing. We voted for a riverboat. Put some fun in your life.

Nationalized care

NATIONALIZED health care isn't as restrictive as opponents claim. During a working stint in a European country with nationalized care, I used both the state plan and private care. Here's how it worked: With large issues, the state covered me and my family completely. When I wanted something above and beyond, I opted to supplement the plan with my own money. The extra price was small by American standards, though the country in question is by no means poor. I was happy to pay around $75 for the occasional first-class extra service (including lab tests and medication) while knowing I was covered completely by the state for larger potential health issues.

Government insurance

I was reading about the health care proposals and trying to put myself into the mind of a business owner. If the health care proposal passes and we have a national system, it would probably benefit the corporations and even small business owners greatly. Businesses could cancel their employees' health insurance plans and let the government pick up their insurance. Health insurance is a major company expense, so why would a business want it?

Helping the homeless

I am amazed at the comment about Larry Rice. Man of God? I don't think so. Let him get a foothold in Cape Girardeau and you will soon see just how much he cares for the people in our town. He will bring people in from all over and turn the federal building into a slum area. Do your homework and find out why St. Louis turned him down for another homeless shelter. He may have fooled some of the people in Cape Girardeau, but certainly not all of us. I know Chaplain Terry Wildmon and truly believe he stands nearer to God. Wildmon is trying to set up a shelter and also a store where people of low means can either buy things at a reduced price or get them free if they can't afford to pay.

Help for the needy

THIS winter I was puzzled by the lack of help for poor people as far as health care and housing were concerned in Cape Girardeau. I found that some were looking for shelter from the winter. Housing and health care for the wealthy is not my version of being prepared. No city can provide security for its people if its people are unprepared. I would like to see more shelter locations as well as locations to shower for the unfortunate in the Cape Girardeau area. Maybe I wouldn't find someone living in my shed.

Big weight

PRESIDENT Obama certainly carries a big weight from the previous administration. But the previous administration inherited one of the biggest messes in American history. Right after George Bush took office we endured a terrorist attack that was intended to bring us to our knees economically, and it did deal a heavy economic blow. It might be more correct to say that Obama's big weight is Bill Clinton.

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