Speak Out 3/12/10

Friday, March 12, 2010

Nuisance notices

REGARDING Scott City's latest nuisance notices: I find it ironic that the first nice day we have and the first opportunity to take care of things outside is the same day that our nuisance officer gives the entire town notices, yet the city can let its property go, like our senior park, which is in total disrepair. I feel the city needs to clean up its own backyard before complaining to homeowners.

Dog recovered

ON March 9, my dog got loose from his yard. I began an extensive search to no avail. Several hours later I received a call from Skyview Animal Clinic letting me know they had my dog. I was told the dog was running along South Kingshighway where a man saw him and retrieved him. He then delivered my dog to the nearby animal clinic. The man did not leave his name, so I have no way of thanking him. You are truly a good Samaritan, and I sincerely appreciate what you did. My dog is elderly and deaf. I was shocked to learn he was on the highway. He lives near Franklin Elementary School. Thank you.

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