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Bankruptcies filed through February for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Brown, Mickey G. and Vickie D.10162
Clark, Ronny L. and Tina G.10191

Butler County

Hunter, Regina M.10105
Barger, Nakia R.10106
Harwell, Douglas J.10111
Thurman, Amanda F.10114
Losh, Eddie M. and Pamela S.10117
Caldwell, Michael L.10128
Carlile, Kenneth L.10134
Mowery, Daniel L. and Melinda M.10136
Epps, David C.10137
Parshall, Bobby J. and Julia L.10139
Quaite, Sandra D.10140
Robards, Herschel W. and Sharon10143
Pickett, Larry D. and Jean M.10151
Powell, James D.10167
Hibler, Michael10170
Allen, Margaret D.10172
Smith, Jessica L.10199
Pruett, Charles G. and Ruth L.10209
Deaton, Grady S. and Amanda M.10215
Sauls, Calvin G.10220
Hall, Alice E.10222
Bulliner, Willis C. and Helen M.10224
DeCourley, Betty10239

Cape Girardeau County

Grigsby, Geralyn M.10102
Stern, Nickolas F. and Heather L.10103
Moyer, William F.10107
Villanueva, Crystal D. and Luis F.10108
Husk, Nicolette D.10112
Mudge, Gerald R. and Brenda J.10124
Sander, Barbara N.10130
Tucker, Janelle L.10132
Boitnott, Carl A. and Julie E.10135
French, Wilson J.10142
Miller, Sharon J.10146
Verhines, Jeremy R. and Amelia C.10152
Houston, Cheryl A.10153
Armitage, Erin C.10158
Luttrell, Ronald L. and Renee A.10163
Cavey, Kimberly A.10165
Harper, Vera J.10181
Woelk, Michael L. and Patricia M.10184
Green, Vaniasn D.10190
Guilliams, Blake R. and April M.10201
Golden, Joseph L.10219

Carter County

Kennon, Lawrence G. and Kathryn A.10122
Ogden, Luther W. and Amber N.10141

Dunklin County

Lee, Clint A.10159
KMO Rentals LLC10166
Averett, Zachary10176
Cutler, Rhonda J.10179
Yarbro, Barbara10180
Timmons, William H. and Lynette S.10183
Brown, Paul C. and Ella M.10189

Madison County

Richards, Verla J.10118
Firebaugh, Randy L.10120
Harper, Donna K.10121
Kirchner, James F. and Sandra K.10123
Francis, Johannie F.10174
Edmond, Donnie L. and Shannon L.10175

Mississippi County

Carter, Tammy L.10145
Humphrey, Terry L. and Judy A.10169
Hopper, Chester O. and Helen L.10185
Casey, David J.10188
Angell, Lewis E. and Melinda K.10198
Gifford, Daniel W. and Tammy L.10213
Wilson, Gary D. and Paula R.10214
Hopper, Raydene H.10235
Roper, Barry W.10237
Yarbro, Ronald and Tammy10238

New Madrid County

Woods, Terry L. and Stephanie T.10126
Campbell, Shelby G. and Edna S.10147
Pratcher, Rosetta10150
Phillips, John P.10160
Robbins, James R. and Alecia N.10210
Hill, Latoya L.10212
Bryant, Ronald A. and Leslie D.10217
Marcus, Brenda J.10228
Perry, Dana G. and Dawn M.10229

Pemiscot County

Evans, Rebecca R.10127
Abbott, Jeff W. and Tanna L.10177
Abraham, Shongka10178
Arterbridge, Delores A.10216
McClendon, Paul B. and Susan D.10227

Perry County

Huck, Judith M.10109
Isreal, Carl W. and Diane M.10186
Braddy, Robert E. and Julie R.10187
Dannenmueller, David L.10208
Pecaut, Brandon D. and Alyssa A.10221
Timmer, Christopher J.10230
Ogle, Tracy L. and Robbie R.10232
Tolliver, Shannon D. and Jessica L.10240

Reynolds County

Parker, Sharon S.10138

Ripley County

Silkwood, Elda M.10133
Bissette, Shelby A. and Ashley10173
Royer, Carolyn M.10193
Czerwonka, Judith L.10225

Scott County

Prindle, Brent A. and Kitty L.10104
Warmack, Terry T. and Paula M.10116
Hodge, Kendall G. and Sharon K.10125
Bucher, Edna M.10129
Thompson, Linda S.10149
Milz, Steven G. and Dena R.10155
Schott, Harold F. and Bonnie L.10156
Ward, Lawrence R. and Patsy A.10157
Simmons, Albert R. and Thressia J.10182
Freed, Angela K.10196
Owens, Ronnie E. and Carolyn S.10202
Hickman, Tiera T.10203
Glueck, Cletus A.10204
Vandehey, Patrick T.10205
Baran, Jeff T. and Debra L.10206
Ikerman, Joseph A.10207
Nelson, Sheila R.10223
Coomer, Cynthia S.10231
Cappel, John C.10234
Latham, Gregory S. and Stacy D.10236

Shannon County

Rains, Waymon E.10110
Byerly, Ronny S.10131

Stoddard County

Martin, Hilda G.10115
Stark, Jimmy S. and Jane A.10119
Clifton, Sherry L.10144
McCollough, Kevin D. and Katherine N.10148
Nattier, William E. and Jean A.10154
Green, Jolene C.10161
Davis, Ricky G. and Lori L.10168
McIntyre, Zachary W. and Robin N.10171
Hatchell, Deborah J.10192
Tackett, Donna M.10194
McNew, John B. and Mamie E.10195
Taylor, David W. and Rena Y.10197
Kassinger, Kent L. and Robin E.10200
Collins, Steven E. and Dorothy J.10211
Hicks, Larry D. and Casey M.10218
Owens, Troy M. and Laura A.10226

Wayne County

Deal, Howard E.10113
Crenshaw, Alfea L. and April I.10164
Anthony, Tommy W. and Tonya R.10233
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