Who's Who: Roger W. Fields

Monday, March 15, 2010
Roger Fields (Photo by Fred Lynch)

Assistant chief of police with the Cape Girardeau Police Department

WHERE HE'S BEEN: Fields, 46, moved around as a child, but spent most of his in the "GlenAllen/Grassy metroplex." He is married to wife Marsha and has two sons, Blake and Kyle. He has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and is commander of the police department's operations bureau, charged with the daily activities of most sworn personnel. In April he will celebrate 22 years with the Cape Girardeau Police Department. "Although I began with an interest in the juvenile system, serving for a couple years with the 32nd judicial circuit juvenile detention center, I felt I could have a greater impact on the community as a municipal police officer. With the department I have served as patrolman, evidence technician, patrol sergeant, SRT commander, lieutenant patrol commander, captain and now assistant chief of police.

WHERE HE'S GOING: In five years, Fields says he will "still be with the department, serving the citizens of this community the best I know how. Cape Girardeau has grown since I first began patrolling in 1988. Recently I overheard an officer explaining to one of the newer officers that Walmart used to be where Toys 'R Us is now... correcting them I explained that Walmart was originally at William and Kings highway now Hobby Lobby. It reminded me of listening to the veteran officers when I first started as they talked about Montgomery Ward, Kroger and the Flaming Pit. The city will continue to evolve and expand and the department will have to grow along with it."

On making a difference in the community: Fields says, "Obviously there is more money in working at the state or federal level of law enforcement, however, I consciously chose to remain in local law enforcement, where I can make a greater contribution to the community in which I have raised my own family. My current position offers me the opportunity to promote the professionalism within the department. The Cape Girardeau Police Department has a great group of professionals who do care about the quality-of-life issues within this community, and maintaining that professionalism is how I believe I can best make a difference for the community."

WHY HE WAS CHOSEN: SALT (Seniors and Lawmen Together) is my primary volunteer organization although I have direct and indirect relationships with many others. SALT's primary focus is community services efforts to promote interaction with law enforcement of Cape Girardeau County and the senior citizens with the community. I take great pride in the work SALT has done, especially with the Southeast Missouri Law Enforcement Memorial. The Memorial reminds us of nearly fifty men from southeast Missouri who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Five of those are Cape Girardeau police officers. SALT will unveil a new monument this coming May in Cape County Park North. It tugs at your heartstrings to see the surviving family members attend the ceremony and visit the monument, letting them know that their loved ones have not been forgotten.

Other accomplishments/awards he's received: "You know I've caught bank robbers, homicide suspects, shoplifters and rapists ... I would like, however to catch at least one bass over 10 pounds and a blue marlin (any size)! I have a few plaques of recognition; a couple commendations in my file, but the ones that I take most pride in are the ones I keep in the middle top drawer of my desk, and those are the simple "Thank you" cards I have received from folks ... my friends."

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