Who's Who: Kevin Priester

Monday, March 15, 2010
Kevin Priester (Photo by Fred Lynch)

Manager, Alliance Water Resources

WHERE HE'S BEEN: Fifty-one-year-old Priester is originally from St. Louis and now lives in Cape Girardeau County with his wife, Dominique. They have two daughters, a son and three grandchildren. He has worked in the utility business for 30 years.

WHERE HE'S GOING: In five years, says Priester, he hopes to be doing exactly what he's doing now. "There are many opportunties in water treatment, and they are on the rise, with increasing regulatory demands and aging infrastructure across the country there is a need for qualified individuals to meet these demands," he says. On his community involvement, Priester says, "To make the next generation better than we are, the only way we can do that is through education and environment."

WHY HE WAS CHOSEN: "He is Discovery Playhouse. Drive by this weekend and you'll see him in dirty blue jeans hauling donated materials," says Nicolette Brennan, who nominated Priester. "He has been with the project since the beginning as I understand it. That's amazing dedication and follow-through. He's a family man and an all around great guy."

Priester also works with the Southeast Missouri Soccer Club, and has received an AWWA (American Waterworks Association) Meritorious Service Award for contributions to Public Water Supply in Missouri.

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