Who's Who: Estelee Wood

Monday, March 15, 2010
Estelle Wood

Real estate sales associate/relocation and negogiation specialist with Coldwell Banker Abernathy Realty

WHERE'S SHE BEEN: Wood, 67, lives in Jackson with husband Mike Wood. She has four daughters. In her 50s, Wood opted for a complete change in profession, entering the world of real estate. "Those who know her, knows she never sits still, so no real big surprise she became a real estate agent," says Cheralyn Wood, who nominated her. "The surprise was the pure joy it brought her, and a new sense of energy. If you know Estelee Wood you know she has the gift of gab and a relentless pride about SE Missouri."

WHERE SHE'S GOING: In five years, says Wood, she hopes to still be "finding the home of my client's dreams and spending time with my family, and growing beautiful flowers!" "Every family needs a home - that need changes as the family changes - growing larger or smaller or relocating. It's a cycle that 'Keeps Us Moving,'" she says. For her community, Wood says she hopes to be involved in making Jackson a designation place to live, shop, and work.


"She sells SE Missouri at every opportunity; she just doesn't sell real estate," says Cheralyn Wood. "She goes way above and beyond and gets others recognized and involved in the community. For instance the last 10 years she has lead the charge for the Coldwell Banker-Abernathy Christmas float that you see in the Jackson and Cape Christmas parade. Some would say no big task really, but they've probably not built a float from scratch not to mention 10 floats. Estelee's Christmas floats are prize winning floats, they are creative and built by hand with a personal touch, she does it for Coldwell Banker-Abernathy, for the kids at the parade's and because she enjoys it too." She has been a volunteer for the Uptown Jackson Historic District. She helped found the Mississippi River Valley Scenic Drive, and the annual arts and crafts extravaganza in Cape Girardeau.

Wood is a volunteer for Advocate for Silver Hair Legislature (SHL), traveling to Jefferson City to debate over bills and resolutions that concern legislation.

"I would like to nominate and recognize Estelee Wood for the awareness she brings to the community. As well as the countless acts of kindness, willingness to volunteer to protect those that need a voice, for the sheer volume of volunteer time, and the foresight she has had and will have for the community," says Cheralyn Wood.

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