Who's Who: Jeanne Churchill

Monday, March 15, 2010
Jeanne Churchill (Photo by Fred Lynch)

Assistant branch manager with Capaha Bank -- Kingshighway location

WHERE SHE'S BEEN: Twenty-seven-year-old Churchill is married to husband Bill, and has an 11-year-old stepson, Alex. She's originally from Perryville, Mo., and now lives in Cape Girardeau. She's had a lengthy career in finance, first with a national bank, then with a regional bank and now loves working for a locally owned bank. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree in business administration.

WHERE SHE'S GOING: In five years, Churchill says she plans "to be living in Cape, enjoying a happy marriage and successful future with Capaha Bank. The last few years have certainly been interesting for the finance industry. The volatile nature of the market, government bailouts and historically low interest rates have created a unique environment. One could speculate exactly what the future holds with these topics, but I don't believe anyone knows with any real certainty. The banking industry must get back to the tried and true methods, including conservative lending principles, while knowing exactly who their customers are.

The introduction of new technology always brings about change. We have the ability to log on to the Internet from our phones and have information available immediately. This is a definite change from the past when waiting to reconcile your statement was a tedious task done monthly. It is not that far-fetched to live in a society without checks. As an example, businesses are using a machine for merchant capture, which allows a business to scan checks from their office and receive same day credit without a trip to the bank. I think these are only a few examples of how the banking industry is changing, and the future will hold many new and exciting opportunities."

She plans to continue working with volunteer organizations on things that she is passionate about. "I feel a personal responsibility to serve those who are less fortunate and those facing challenges that need advocates."

WHY SHE WAS CHOSEN: "My new bride is an exceptional woman," wrote Jeanne's husband, Bill. "Jeanne is able to balance being an outstanding business professional and community volunteer while still making an excellent home for me and my 11-year-old son. She has a real passion for her family, career and her employer, as well as all of the organizations that she serves. She is willing to do the things that it takes to be successful in everything that she tries. She is definitely a 'Who's Who' to those who have the pleasure of knowing her!"

"Jeanne has impressed me in so many ways. She is always willing to help," wrote Sarah Summers.

"Jeanne has dived into leadership with her career and community full-force," wrote Nikki Stallion. "She works a full-time job while caring for a stepson and supporting her husband, who suffers from MS. Along with that she commits her free time to organizations that will help improve the community and her life personally, which is what we want everyone to do!"

"Jeanne is a great role model for people of all ages and is very business-oriented," wrote Kim Adams.

Jeanne's community involvement: Cape Chamber of Commerce -- member, Chamber Ambassador, Chamber Young Professionals committee chair '09, current committee member, Leadership Cape Class of '08; United Way of Southeast Missouri -- employee campaign coordinator, loan executive, allocations review panel member, Small Business Blitz participant; National Multiple Sclerosis Society -- corporate achiever, Corporate Achiever alumni, MS advisory council chairperson; Love INC. financial counselor; Junior Achievement classroom volunteer; Boy Scouts of America Friends of Scouting volunteer.

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