Speak Out 5/3/05

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Awesome performance

WHO NEEDS to go to New York to see a Broadway play when you can see one right here in Cape Girardeau. The production of "Annie" at the junior high school was awesome. Everyone involved deserves a huge round of applause for their wonderful efforts. Those children deserve all the accolades for their determination, perserverance, hard work and wonderful performances, but Mike Dumey deserves just as much praise. His enthusiasm is infused into each and every member of the company so that they give their very best to their individual performances. What a wonderful mentor to our children. I plan on supporting the future productions put on by Mr. Dumey and fervently hope the community does the same.

Spending priorities

I FIND it interesting that the state is so broke that it's cutting Medicaid, yet it's going to give Southeast Missouri State University $3.62 million for the River Campus. Now the school is going to raise fees to build a pool. I thought capital improvements meant spending for something that was needed, not something was wanted. I think health care and food are needed a lot more than the River Campus. Everybody should complain to our legislators. If we don't have money to keep people healthy and fed, we sure don't have money the university to blow.

Justice for workers

I AGREE with Mike Jensen on the Medicaid issue. When you make every paycheck count and buy cheaper cuts of meat, off-brand vegetables and day-old bread but see someone buy expensive cuts of meat and pay with their food card, it's time we have Medicaid reform. You also see these same people in bingo halls and riverboat casinos. Where is the justice for the working man or woman?

Hurting his chances

I REALLY don't understand what's going through Gov. Matt Blunt's mind. He evidently doesn't want to be re-elected. If he cuts Medicaid like he says he's going to, there's a good chance he won't be back in office. This is hurting so many innocent people it's not funny. He really needs to reconsider what he's about to do.

Makes day brighter

I THOUGHT Jackson would never be the same after Fred retired from the post office but now there's a man who's equally as personable at the BP gas station in Jackson who makes it easier to pay those expensive prices. He is just delightful and makes going into the gas station so much fun. A big thank you to those who brighten up our days.

Waiting for apology

I HAPPEN to know the man who spit in Jane Fonda's face. He's combat-wounded Marine from Vietnam. Fonda has not apologized to any veteran for her actions that caused more deaths, more killing and more wounding of soldiers in Vietnam. She has said she has made errors in her ways. But that's as far as she's gone. Until she makes a full apology, I applaud the man for spitting in her face.

Better fuel habits

I'M HEARING people complain about gas prices. If these people would adjust their driving for fuel economy instead of their ego, they wouldn't have as much of a problem. People are jack-rabbit starting away from stoplights and stop signs, which wastes fuel. Instead of driving 5 or 10 mph over the speed limit, they should drive 5 mph under the speed limit, maybe 10 mph under on the interstate, but they don't want to do that. They'd rather complain about how unfair gas prices are than to adjust their own habits.

Thanks for checkbook

A BIG thank you to the Jackson Wal-Mart store and especially to the person who turned in my checkbook that I left behind and to the clerk at the service counter who called my home and reported it had been found. Thank goodness there are a lot of honest people still around. Thank you.

She made amends

I'M THE father of a son who served as a Marine, a daughter who's in the Navy and son who was in the Army. They have served their country well. Most of us deplore the actions of this Marine who spit in Jane Fonda's face. If most Marines really condone that action, we're in one poor situation. That sure tarnished the image of veterans of the armed services. Fonda made a lot of mistakes, and she made amends for them. She's also a Christian. All's supposed to be forgiven.

Spending caution

THE LEGISLATURE needs to be careful about giving cost-of-living bonuses to school districts in areas with a higher cost of living. There are some sections of St. Louis where houses are just as inexpensive as anyplace else. It costs just as much to buy textbooks for a school in an area outside of the big city as it does in the big city. Almost all the expenses are going to almost the same, but maybe you do have to pay a little extra for teachers living in a high-ranked district. Just be careful and don't give up very much.

Better than the Fox

I HAVE season tickets to the Fox Theater in St. Louis, but Mike Dumey's production of "Annie" was better than anything I've seen in St. Louis in years. His talent and the talent of the junior high school students was so beyond anything I've seen. It is a blessing that we have this in Cape Girardeau. Thank you, Mike.

Attention to Iraq

EVERY MORNING we hear "Today was the bloodiest day so far in Iraq." Today there were 10 car bombings and several soldiers killed. Is President Bush in denial? Anyone can see his attention needs to be on our boys in Iraq. Instead, he's still in campaign mode trying to convince the American people his way is the only way. He can be wrong. He has been wrong. He has never admitted to being wrong. Attention needs to be with our boys who are fighting in Iraq.

Part-time smoke free

I WOULD like to say thank you to the restaurant in Patton, Mo. We eat fish up there on Friday or Saturday nights. The restaurant went smoke-free from 4 to 8 p.m. I'd like to see more businesses at least go to part-time smoke-free.

Stop the vandalism

I'D LIKE to comment on the vandalism that's occurred in Jackson in the past couple weeks. Recently there was an incident where several high school girls vandalized several students' cars. I wish the police would crack down on that stuff a little harder.

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