Bob Parker Blows Away the Competition

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Bob Parker, Republican candidate for Congress in Missouri's 8th district.

Bob Parker Blows Away the Competition in Missouri Sovereignty Project Ranking

In its ranking system for Missouri's federal legislative candidates released today, Missouri Sovereignty Project ranked Raymondville rancher and realtor Bob Parker, Republican candidate for the Eighth Congressional District, first among 26 candidates. The Democrat candidate received a score of 9, while his Republican primary opponent, incumbent Jo Ann Emerson, received a 2. Parker scored 43.

The system tallied mentions in speeches, press releases, and candidate websites of four words or phrases: "Constitution," "Tenth Amendment," "Sovereignty," and "Enumerated Powers." Between one and six points were given for use of these terms on the candidate's website, as internal or mainpage links, or in speeches.

The Missouri Sovereignty Project website states, "Bob Parker, running in the 8th CD, blows everyone away with 43 points. He's the ONLY one who actually has an internal link devoted specifically to MO's sovereignty. That means if he wins, Mr. Parker will be the ONLY one to publiclly [sic] state that he will take our cause right to the heart of our problems. Take a look for yourself." The website then provides a link to Mr. Parker's campaign site.

Parker has long championed the sovereign rights of Missouri. Speaking to the Ozark Property Rights Congress in their 9th annual Conference on Private Property Rights in August 2009, he related that a government official warned that without enactment of more regulation, the state stood to lose 9 million dollars of federal money. Parker replied, "I think the sovereignty of the State of Missouri is worth a lot more than nine million dollars!"

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