Speak Out 3/2/10

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bigger monsters

THIS was my first year of going to the monster truck show. I was a little disappointed. I would like to see the show expanded. We'd like to see a good show instead of just a few pieces of it. If you could pass the word on to the appropriate people for next year, that would be wonderful.

Street riots

GREECE is having riots in the streets because the country is out of money. It has spent so much on giveaway programs it's out of money, and the country will have to stop doing some of the giveaways. People are rioting because they want their giveaway programs. The U.S. is in the same boat. We have spent too much money, and our government is out of money. What's going to happen when we quit giving away money to people who have become dependent on it? They're going to riot in the streets. The only reason it's not happening yet is because we're borrowing money from the Chinese.

Background checks

CONSIDERING the behavior of some of our elected officials lately, we better start paying closer attention to whom we vote into these offices. This didn't happen overnight. Let's check their backgrounds before we vote for them.

Driving advice

WHENEVER my friends visit, I tell them, "You've got to watch the drivers down here." Just because a light turns green don't mean you can go. Wait a second or two and then proceed. And don't expect turn signals to be used. Drivers will pull out in front of you. My friends all say they found the advice to be sound.

School cuts

SCHOOLS need to cut out sports, arts and music. They need more reading, writing and arithmetic and spelling. These things are important.

Recycle drugs

I think we should regard expired medications as a resource. We recycle garbage. We need to regard expired medications as a resource that can be recycled. We shouldn't throw them down the toilet. There's a buck to be made here.

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