Letter to the Editor

Go slow on changing our laws

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In his letter, Lee Flor of Marble Hill lamented the deadlock in Washington. I disagree. If the deadlock grows so bad that no legislation is passed, it will suit me fine. The only bills Congress has passed lately of any note all take more money out of my pocket. The Constitution was designed to make it difficult to pass any bill. Good, because all both parties do is take more money. How would it feel if they both took less all the time, like making permanent the tax cuts passed while George Bush was president?

As a former union member, I have seen both sides of the campaign-financing coin. I really don't care for either side, but I find voluntary contribution from any legal source more palatable than the PACs established by many unions.

Don't vote for the Republican or Democrat. Vote for the candidate whose ideas are closest to your own. Don't worry about how much money a candidate spends if the money was obtained legally. Bad candidates and politicians will be discovered and discarded by their constituents, even if it takes awhile.

The Constitution and laws should be difficult to change. Slow and small changes make for long-term stability.

MARK K. SLINKARD, Cape Girardeau