Letter to the Editor

Climate claims falling apart

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's easy to tell when liberals are losing the argument. They get desperate and begin to call their opponents names. In recent letters to the editor Alan Journet has referred to global warming skeptics with terms such as "uninformed," "unscrupulous," "ignorant folks" and "idiocy." It was just a few short months ago that Journet smugly declared that the debate was over and that global warming skeptics should just keep quiet.

Well, it seems that the debate is not over. This is especially true in light of the recent Climategate scandal in which several of the leading global warming scientists conspired to silence their critics and hide evidence that did not prove their theories. This is only one example of how these people are losing credibility. Top global-warming scientists have recently recanted predictions of glacial melting and a rise in sea levels. Phil Jones, a British scientist at the center of Climategate scandal, admitted recently that there has been no significant increase in earth temperatures since 1995. A recent poll found that global warming ranked 21st as issue that concerned U.S. citizens. The global warming argument is losing because it's a lie based on lies.

The case for man-made global warming is falling apart. Journet and others like him have chosen to ignore that reality. It is a sad state when scientists ignore the facts and instead distort information to promote a political agenda.