Parker to Emerson; Don't run

Parker to Emerson; Don't run

Republican candidate Bob Parker, a conservative rancher from Raymondville is sending a message to the Emerson team. ''Don't run.'' Parker, who's name will be at the top of the Republican ballot in August extends the Emerson camp some advise. ''It's over.''

Parker explains, '' as I have traveled the district from Cape Girardeau to Gainesville the anti-incumbent sentiment is at a fever pitch here in Missouri. Many county leaders shake their heads in disgust at the Wall Street Bailout votes Mrs. Emerson made. They feel that she has just been there too long and is just too out of touch with how things really are here in the 8th district.''

Parker went on to say anyone that has been in Washington and has been voting for bailouts, clunkers, pay raises and out of control spending has no idea what they will face in this coming election cycle. ''People have had enough! If 14 years of Washington experience is telling you to forget the little people in your district and go with the big money in Washington, it will be over for you this year. I hope that the Emerson people will step back and realize that it's time for fiscal conservatives to take over and try to straighten this mess out.''

Parker is still the only Republican that has filed for Missouri's 8th district Congressional seat. Tommy Sowers has filed on the Democrat ticket and supported passage of the Obama health care bill several weeks ago. Filing for the Congressional seat opened on Feb. 23rd

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