Cargil Incorporated Donate's RESQ-tube to Mississippi County Rescue Squad

Mississippi County

Rescue Squad

P.O. Box 634

Charelston, Mo. 63834

Director - Danny Harris

Assistant Director - Denis Rapert

Press Release 2-25-2010

Cargil Incorporated Donate's RESQ-tube to

Mississippi County Rescue Squad

According to Mississippi County Rescue Squad Director Danny Harris they have recieved a new RESQ-tube. The RESQ-tube was donated by Cargil Incorporated located on Highway N just inside of Scott County.

The RESQ-tube aids in rescue during a grain engulfment of a person. It is constructed of light weight aluminum so it can be quickly assembled. It is designed to stop the flow of the grain toward the victim and block any additional pressure that may be created from rescuers as they are performing the rescue. Once in place, the now limited amount of grain inside of the tube surrounding the victim can be vacuumed or removed by hand from around the trapped victim.

Harris along with all of the Mississippi County Rescue Squad members would like to thank Cargil Incorporated in this generous donation of the RESCQ-tube. Harris stated that this will be a great asset for the entire Mississippi County and surrounding areas. Now we will be prepared to respond to a grain engulfment. There are many Grain Bins through out the county and the quicker we can get to the scene the higher the survival rate is for the victim. Before now we would have to wait for Sikeston Department of Public Saftey Fire and Rescue Division to respond to the scene with there RESQ-tube.

Picture above from left to right are, Wayne Essner Operations with Cargil, Jake Ressel-Lead Personal with Cargil, Danny Harris - Director, Denis Rapert - Assistant Director.