Speak Out 4/27/05

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Historical caution

JACKSON SHOULD proceed carefully when beginning the renovations to the uptown area to create a historical district. Some of those facades that have already been torn away could have remained in place. The federal preservation guidelines allow architecture and facades as recent as 25 to 50 years ago. That mint-green storefront on the old Dollar General store wasn't so bad. I liked it, and it reflected the period when it was remodeled. There is nothing wrong with keeping elements of the commercial district from more than one century. In fact, most state historic commissions and the National Trust all support an approach that accommodates all eras. Is the plan to tear everything back to how it all looked in the 19th century or earlier? We do not need a Disney World Main Street in Jackson. Let us hope that the plans do not include those phony, old-time lamp posts all painted dark green. Jackson never had those. Whatever happens, don't use the streetscape of downtown Cape Girardeau as an example. It is really lame. Let Jackson be Jackson, please.

Dandelions on the loose

SILLY ME. I was worried about the war, the federal deficit, poverty, education. Little did I know we had a much more evil foe right here in town. As I write this, those dreaded dandelions are running amok in Cape Girardeau.

Paying our way

IF IT'S unfair for senior citizens who have no kids in school to pay school taxes, then it's also unfair for parents of schoolchildren to pay the Social Security benefits that seniors are receiving. The only fair way for all concerned is to pay our own way and forget everybody else.

Better than roses

TO THOSE of you complaining about the dandelions, you have obviously never had a toddler give you a bouquet of them with a large smile on his face. That is worth more than all the roses money can buy. I grow my dandelions with pride.

Easy fix for dumping

ILLEGAL DUMPING is bad, but if the county would make more trash receptacles or recycling receptacles available, maybe this would not happen as often. Many years ago I lived in the same area and had nowhere to dump. This is the fault of the county politicians with an easy fix.

Fun is OK

THE ONE time all spring that Cape Girardeau was a real college town was at the SEMO-Mizzou baseball game. Yes, they gave out beer. Most people live within walking distance of the park, so driving really isn't that big of a problem. This community should be ashamed. Fun is OK. The students were being responsible. It is the community members who are not being responsible.

Concerned voices

AS A foster parent of many children, I have personally seen the horrors of child abuse and its everlasting effects on a child. Of my many foster children, over half of them had been sexually abused. None of their perpetrators was convicted. We need children's advocacy centers like the Southeast Missouri Network Against Sexual Violence in Missouri, not only to have professionals interview and perform physical exams on the children, but to also provide the counseling needed for these children to lead normal lives. Please do not let government officials eliminate $1.9 million in funding. Abused children do not have a voice. Concerned adults must be a voice for them. Call your state senators, representatives and Gov. Matt Blunt and be a voice for abused children in Missouri. Don't let another child suffer in fear and shame.

A relaxing escape

THE CAPE La Croix recreation trail is possibly one of the nicest amenities Cape Girardeau has to offer. It is so relaxing to take a stroll on the trail. It's easy to get away from the traffic and noise that you find everywhere else.

Somebody's in charge

FACULTY AND staff members at Southeast Missouri State University should stop criticizing school president Dr. Ken Dobbins. He is the boss. Workers are supposed to do whatever the boss tells them, even if they don't like it. You can't keep a factory running if there is no one to tell the workers what to do.

Who's the boss?

HALLELUJAH! THERE is someone else out there who agrees that elected officials should not have their own taxpayer-funded retirement and health care. However, the only way to correct that unfair system is for their employers to change the rules. Because elected officials appear to be the rulers, we forget that we are their employers. And guess who decides to give these people pay raises?

Working the system

BE FAIR. Welfare for the wealthy is different than welfare for the poor. The wealthy have had to work very hard to learn how to manipulate politicians specifically and the system in general.

Small cost, big benefit

I'M A Southeast Missouri State University student who is glad the board of regents voted to install a new swimming pool. Cape Girardeau has little to offer in the way of entertainment for college students. The cost is very small for the benefits that it brings.

He represents us

SO MONA Charen thinks someone who screams at his subordinates and tries to fire folks who provide evidence indicating his judgments are wrong is a commonsense choice as our representative at the United Nations. I agree that such a pitiful human being as John Bolton might appropriately represent the Bush administration, but the U.S. Senate should recognize that our U.N. ambassador represents the country.

Support for police

GIVE OUR cops a break. Our society has designated that it's OK for a policeman to speed at certain times. This week while on my way to Fruitland from the Jackson area I saw a policeman writing a ticket. They're out doing their job. I think they do a wonderful job in this area by staying out of people's hair. They're working to make everybody happy. And right now I'm very happy.

Tips at the ATM

I'M TIRED of having to wait in line behind somebody who didn't get his vehicle close enough to the ATM machine to use it, so they have got to hang out the window or get out. When you approach an ATM machine, do it slowly. You can maneuver your car so you're right up against the machine. But you've got to approach it slowly, and everything will work out so one car after another can use the ATM.

Don't need advice

I RECEIVED a letter from the prosecuting attorney about prom season and the fact that parents should tell our kids not to drink. I don't need the prosecuting attorney to tell me how to raise my kids. I also don't appreciate it if the school district gave out our names and addresses. The prosecuting attorney should stick to writing his books and prosecuting the criminals. Let me raise my child.

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