Winter roughs up Scott County roads

Friday, February 19, 2010

BENTON, Mo. -- Winter weather has taken a toll on county roads -- and many have noticed it.

"All this snow and ice and freezing and thawing has really had an impact on our roads," said Jamie Burger, presiding commissioner of Scott County. "The potholes are really bad."

The Sikeston Standard Democrat reported during Thursday's commission meeting, commissioners discussed road conditions with Norman Brant, supervisor of the highway department.

"We're constantly driving the roads and getting phone calls," said Burger. "And we're working to get those resolved. Starting next week, we'll have two crews out on the roads doing pothole patching."

Burger said when commissioners crafted the budget, they allocated money for resurfacing. Additional funds will be made available with the State Emergency Management Association reimbursements from the 2009 ice storm.

Although officials are taking note of any potholes, they invited anyone who wants to note a poor road condition that needs to be fixed to report it by calling 573-545-3549.

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