UW funding push

There are many reasons the United Way of Southeast Missouri is $100,000 short of its annual campaign goal of $1.2 million. And most of those reasons are why demands for services provided by United Way-supported organizations have shown significant increases in the past year.

Times are tough, but the United Way hopes it can still reach its goal in the next few weeks. To that end, it has launched its Road to Recovery Campaign. Among those targeted are some 28,000 Cape Girardeau County residents who have not made a United Way donation yet.

People in need of counseling, food and financial advice are among the many who find themselves in need of help for the first time due to job losses and other financial setbacks caused by the recession. To help them, United Way-supported organizations need financial support.

If you can help, please consider making a donation to United Way, especially if you haven't already written a check or signed up for payroll deduction where you work.

To donate, send a check to United Way of Southeast Missouri Road to Recovery, 430A Broadway, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701. Donations also may be dropped off at several area businesses. If you have questions, call 334-9634.

And thank you.