Speak Out 2/19/10

Friday, February 19, 2010

City limits

SUNDAY'S edition carried a lengthy discussion of property on Themis Street that was related to possible changes in zoning regulations in Cape Girardeau. It was stated that the property has a new roof, siding and windows. None of that is accurate, which could be confirmed by anyone driving by. Do reporters not need to check information in their stories? The garage/shop which was much debated is much larger than the home and takes up every allowable inch of property on the lot while making no provision for water run-off. While people have rights regarding their own property, those of us living near others must consider the rights of neighbors. When people live in neighborhoods, they accept that they can't run through the yard naked, put up barbed-wire fences or light their drive to look like a landing strip. To have total freedom and suit only yourself, you must buy property in the country.

Merit finalists

ALLOW me to second the congratulations to three Cape Central High School students who are National Merit Scholarship finalists. Notre Dame Regional High School had two finalists, and we should all be proud of them as well.

Free markets

GARY Rust implied in a recent column that the Constitution dictates a "free-market ... government." Nice try, Mr. Rust, but the Constitution is silent as to what type of economic system we should have. About a third of the American people are favorably disposed to democratic socialism as opposed to unregulated free-market capitalism, the latter having taken us to the brink of collapse. Nothing in the Constitution would prohibit a gradual or radical shift to socialism. Of course, I thought Rust and his ilk already believed that had happened or was in the process of occurring under President Obama, even though the president is desperately trying to save the system Rust favors, with the exception of a few much needed financial and other regulations.

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