Letter to the Editor

New bins promote recycling

Sunday, February 14, 2010

As May 1 quickly advances, we're approaching the deployment of our new waste management system. I have seen many complimentary comments and even some unfavorable ones. With much of the focus on the new automated trucks, one aspect of the new system has been largely overlooked: the new recycling container.

I am already very proud to see many people throughout the city placing their recyclables at the curb without any official container or prompting. I believe that the new containers will promote even more recycling among those individuals, but also spur new households to the benefits of recycling. Once that receptacle is sitting next to their house, I hope people will be inspired to use it. It is still a voluntary system, but one that I hope is used to its fullest.

Recycling helps save the city money, creates new jobs, supports new industries and diverts and reuses waste that would otherwise sit useless in a landfill. The simple act of separating your garbage and using the new container has the ability to accomplish many of those things that we know in our hearts to be right. Recycling is not a political issue. It is a moral one. You must ask yourself what kind of example you want to set for future generations and your community at large.

The new recycling containers are larger than the trash container for good reason. You have the opportunity to make a big difference for your community.